Alanna’s back in the race! You remember Alanna, don’t you?

Alanna’s back in the race!!  Do you remember Alanna?  Of course you do! Democrat placeholder Alanna Silvis!   She gave us a reason for a great post a couple of years ago, and according to the Secretary of State, she’s placeholding again for District 5 House.

You don’t remember Alanna? Hm. Short memory. Well, here’s an excerpt from my old 2014 post:


So, I think it’s safe to say that Silvis is not unaware of what goes on in elections, having almost run before, and I believe her mother is also the Codington County Democratic Chairman.  However, when it comes to Silvis’ social media, before she decided to run for office, you would think that she probably would have cleaned it up a bit:

silvis1silvis3silvis2(I redacted the profile photo, as it appeared to be a child).

These aren’t the only examples, just some of the more notable ones. It’s pretty bad when there are posts that are so profane that they would need to be redacted just to put them out on a postcard.

Read that all here in it’s profane glory.

Boy, she makes a great candidate for the Democrats, doesn’t she?  Maybe the third time will be the charm. (But I doubt it).

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