Alex Jensen Announces Recount Board Appointee and Recount Team to protect Tax Dollars and Provide Fairness and Oversight

Alex Jensen Announces Recount Board Appointee and Recount Team to protect Tax Dollars and Provide Fairness and Oversight

Sioux Falls – Today, Councilor-Elect Alex Jensen announced his appointee to the recount board and the formation of a Recount Team to ensure fairness and proper oversight throughout one of the state’s largest recount efforts in the last 50 years. Jensen was declared winner of the Sioux Falls At-Large City Council election on June 2, 2020.

Serving as Alex’s appointee to the recount board is respected attorney, current South Dakota lawmaker and Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Jon Hansen.

“Representative Hansen is a man of character who has the confidence of Sioux Falls-area voters, having been elected multiple times to serve in Pierre and worked on previous recounts,” said Councilor-Elect Alex Jensen. “The voters deserve to know that this process is handled in a fair and transparent manner and I’m confident in Jon and our Recount Team.”

Alex Jensen’s Recount Team includes:

  • Alex Jensen, Councilor-Elect
  • Lisa Prostrollo and Matt McCaulley, Lawyers
  • Ryan Budmayr, Team Spokesperson

“There is a real cost both in time and money for this recount, but the citizens deserve a fair and accurate count. As the first recount in the history of the city’s new charter, this is an important matter and significant endeavor to sort through almost 30,000 ballots,” stated Councilor-Elect Alex Jensen.


9 thoughts on “Alex Jensen Announces Recount Board Appointee and Recount Team to protect Tax Dollars and Provide Fairness and Oversight”

  1. Very good pick Alex Jensen. Hansen is one of my favorite legislators who I worked with on multiple issues. I hear from my son he had the same caliber of character in law school.

  2. “protect taxpayer dollars”

    Why do you add that when the Jensen campaign is not suggesting that is even needed? It seems to me like you are trying to make it sound like that is needed and associate it with Jensen without their permission. Trying to muddy the waters again? You just can’t help yourself can you.

  3. $100,000.00 spent and the entire hierarchy of the SD Republican party including former governors and the political elite against one woman (also a republican no less) who spent $14,000. Why was this race this close?

  4. Matt, “the entire hierarchy of the SD Republican party?” That’s a bit much. There were a number of Republicans who supported Alex’s candidacy, as there were a number of Democrats and Independents.

    Maybe the question you should be asking is why Theresa was unnecessarily grandstanding and abusive to so many people during her term of office, because it would not have taken much for her to have been re-elected if she had treated others with dignity and respect.

    1. Ok, perhaps the entire hierarchy was a bit much but quite obviously a vast majority of it is/was behind Alex. Did you see the endorsement list? A Who’s Who of SD Republicans. Which prominent, elected republicans publicly supported her?

      Grandstanding? Perhaps. But also the most fiscally conservative member of the council. There have been a few vocal republicans over the years, should I name a few? A few of them were a bit heavy handed, I am certain you can think of at least one former governor who was known to be a bit stong handed. She is a 60 year old woman who was a music director at a catholic church. Hardly someone to fear. Politics is a rough game and if one can’t take the heat then perhaps get out of the kitchen.

      I know you don’t like Stehly and that is fine. But let’s all admit the republican elite doesn’t like to be challenged and that is what she does.

      Certainly Mr. Jensen is a fine young man, I have never met him (never met Stehly either) but he campaigned as a get-along kind of guy. That is fine, but I like my politicians with a little testicular fortitude.

      I am just not a fan of how the republican party eats it’s own. It’s one of the reasons I ceased being one after 34 years.

      Love your website

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