All you need to know about last night’s Thune/Williams Debate

That’s probably all you need to know.

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  1. He wants to raise ALL taxes.”

    Williams said taxes need to be reduced for low-income and middle-class Americans and charged at higher rates of the country’s wealthiest residents. He said corporate tax rates should stay where they are and the country should leverage its position of power to require corporations based outside the country to pay corporate taxes if they do business in the United States.

    Two men say they’re Jesus. One of them must be wrong. :p

  2. I forgot all about it so didn’t watch. Might not have been able to as my wife wanted to watch one of our mutual favorite shows (Longmire) but would have tried.

    As I have total confidence in Senator Thune’s ability to handle the debate but not Jay who I personally have affection, I hope Jay didn’t embarrass himself. He is a bit out there on the political spectrum.

  3. Where/when did Wiliams say that? It takes more than an italicized post on a blog for me to believe it.

    Regardless of whether he said ALL taxes or not, Jay Williams is a leftwing kook who shouldn’t be allowed any part of the governance of a free people. If he likes his ideas so much, he should move overseas to a place where they’ve been tried and have failed; instead, he wants to ruin America too.

    No to Jay Williams and the other socialists running in South Dakota this year, and there are a lot of them.

      1. What did I make up? Even if he didn’t say ALL, he is a socialist. I never said he said ALL, did I? Try to get your facts straight.

              1. By your deletion of the post that was here, one can only assume it was spot-on. Thune lied, and you propagated the lie. Try defending rather than deleting this time.

  4. I tried to find a video of this but could not locate anything. Anyone know where one might see a video of this?

  5. The take away from last night’s debate was that the Cubs have their work cut out for them with the Dodgers and the Broncos need to ask themselves some hard questions.

  6. The take out is That had to answer.For a first timer Williams did ok,I wonder why he didnt ask photo op about his vote for the hundreds of billions for the bank bail outs, and why no one ever went to prisonover the wall street mess.

  7. Maybe we will quit hearing John talk about how conservative he is when he talks about the farm BILL? You cant be both and vote for bail outs and free money.

    1. Thune sure got testy in the KELO debate, I thought. Usually, he is calm, cool, and collective, and generally above the fray.

      Perhaps, his or the NRSC’s internal polls are beginning to show his numbers collapsing due to his recent vacillation over whether he’s still supporting Trump or not….?

  8. Winston,

    I would use a different word than testy. I would use exacerbated. As I have said on here, I hope Jay does good enough not to be embarrassed. I think he did almost good enough. And those times he did not do good enough, John got exacerbated. Jay did not come across as smart Or informed and it can be hard to have a conversation with stupid.

    PS. You should be happy John debates. Tim Johnson didn’t and wouldn’t.

    1. Troy,

      When it comes to not debating, perhaps Senator Johnson just took a page from Senator Abdnor’s playbook…..I don’t know….;-)

      Frankly, I thought it was a real healthy exchange of ideas between the two candidates. It cause me to foster memories of the Paul Wellstone/Rudy Boschwitz debates from the past. Except that Senator Thune is far more charismatic than Boschwitz ever was….

      But everyone should go on the KELO-LAND Facebook page and watch the coin flip prior to the debate. Senator Thune seemed very concerned and troubled, even perplexed and preoccupied, while Mr. Williams seemed very calm, cool, and collective.

      One only has to read the Facebook comments on KELO relative to the debate to honestly conclude that Thune’s polling numbers are probably in decline right now all thanks to the Senator’s vacillating support for Mr. Trump.

  9. Thune’s performance on KELO teepee was cringeworthy to the point of nausea. That guy will say and do anything to live in DC and languish on the public dole for his entire career. Sad.

    1. So I am assuming you are voting against John and feel he going to lose to Jay. Is that correct?

  10. Thune would not survive a well- funded primary challenge. Here’s hoping Trump puts some money behind a challenger in 6 years.

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