Almost missed that massive ad! Buckingham takes over RCJ.

If you go to the Rapid City Journal website, you might have this massive ad pop up across your screen before you can proceed:


Former legislator and District 33 State House candidate Mike Buckingham has apparently taken over the Rapid City Journal website for a period of time with a massive campaign advertisement blitz.

5 Replies to “Almost missed that massive ad! Buckingham takes over RCJ.”

  1. Anonymous

    He’s a lot like you Charlie. Mike sticks to the right priorities and doesn’t get caught up in the drama and hype that causes some legislators to waffle on their principles. “Common sense conservative” is so overused it has almost lost its meaning, but Buckingham really is one.

  2. Anonymous

    Hopefully he can convert this time. Have to admire his perseverance.
    He has a lot of great experience with higher ed and new ideas and technology in k-12.

  3. Rep. Mike Verchio

    Mike really is a common sense conservative who will work with others towards reaching a middle ground but also will not abandon his values or principles in doing so . Charlie you will really like working with him .

  4. Anonymous

    Served with Mike, very nice guy and good legislator. Solid 2nd Amendment supporter. Only negative I can remember is he didn’t see any need to help the small rural schools, favored having just big schools. That won’t hurt him at all in his district.