Already predicting a grim 2012 for Senate Dems

A national story — with a Dakota twist

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., is retiring and his party has a big problem in 2012 ? and beyond.

Farm Belt and Southern voters who prefer a Republican president but have often backed moderate Democrats for Congress seem increasingly inclined to vote GOP in all federal races.

SD will be sitting the 2012 Senate race out as only 1/3 of the seats are up.  (You know — you could even say we sat out the 2010 Senate race since John Thune was unopposed).  Tim Johnson will not be up for re-elect until 2014 — so time will tell how the trends are going (and of course who is the opposition candidate)…..but right now…I’m inclined to like the trend.

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  1. Arrowhead

    I really see a primary between Noem and Rounds for Johnson’s senate seat in 2014. I also think SHS is waiting around to run for Senate in 2014 and it’s possible that Brendan will want his dads seat and create a primary for the Dems also.

    Going to be interesting. Wish we could have gotten rid of Johnson in 2008.

  2. Name

    I wouldn’t want to be a Dem in SD hoping to run for office. I don’t think they can begin to rebuild until Johnson is gone. He is not helpful to their cause. He can’t fundraise or speak at rallies or recruit and campaign for candidates so he is essentially non existant in the SDDP.

    I think that when TJ gives up his seat the SDDP will have an oppurtunity to rebuild but right now he is a weight around their necks.

  3. MOSES

    Good for Conrad he is retiring this guy voted for the farm bill, any one who votes for farm subsidies, bail outs for banks[ Thune] Gov health care for congress [NOEM] all need to go .If I can get by with out any subsidy so can these people .This goes for wall street and car factories to.I

  4. feasant

    North Dakota will finally have two reps in the Senate, not two liberal clowns who tried to bankrupt our Country. We also have to stop the outrageous retirement benefits for these spendaholics.

    1. Name

      Even though we are one of the most conservative areas of the country Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota the Dems have 2 in Montana, 1 in SD, 1 in NE and 1 in ND in our four states and only a couple years ago it was much worse. I don’t understand why we send liberal Dems to DC but we do and it looks like we will finally be making a change in the next cycle.

  5. MOSES

    feasant good post, lets get rid of all these congress people who take subsidized health care to Noem. Thune and Johnson,certainly if health care isn’t good for us any type of health care won’t be goof for them either.Also retirement plans for all congress I read where there is over 400 congress people collecting pensions some as much as 60 grand.Time to stop all these bonuses.Thune and Noem if your a true conservative put a bill in to stop all pensions paid out to congressand get rid of congress health care like those 7 republican congressmen did.

  6. MOSES

    No actually a dem , but I get tired of all these politicians spending money.What you do with your money is your business, what they do with my money is give it away stop it now.Repeal all congresses pension health care 2 years max and get out start working for the people and not the power.

      1. Kristi Golden

        Hey now Name — there is no need for that kind of talk. It’s okay to debate ideas….I personally think you can leave personal attacks and generalizations on the side.

          1. 73*

            I don’t mind MOSES I just am glad I know his leanings because he seemed to be masquerading as a Tea Partier who was really upset by Noem.

            So far I wish Noem had more fiscally responsible positions. I like her position on Obama Care but she isn’t all that different from SHS yet other than that. Just that one vote was worth getting rid of SHS. But Noem will have a lot more work to do on the fiscal front like cutting ethanol etc.

  7. ymous

    Really Kristi? What was that scolding about? I’ve defended this site like crazy over the Arizona issue and the “name calling”. I belive you let them name call, it shows their void of and critical thinking and void of any new ideas. Please dont get into nanny stating this site. You’ll ruin it and there will be alot of people leaving.

  8. 73*

    The big hurdle for Noem will be – if you want to cut other peoples perks than ethanol and farm subsidies must go also. Or why would you expect anyone else to cut theirs when we don’t cur ours?


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