Am I reading that as an admission that Governor Kristi Noem was correct in her approach to the Coronavirus?

Jonathan Ellis at the Argus Leader is making note of some interesting statistics on Twitter today. And Maybe I’m reading something into it he isn’t intending, but.. I have to say that it sounds an awful lot like Governor Kristi Noem was absolutely correct in her measured approach to the Coronavirus:

9 thoughts on “Am I reading that as an admission that Governor Kristi Noem was correct in her approach to the Coronavirus?”

  1. The daily number of active cases peaked on May 11th at 1393 and has been declining since. As of today the number is 1057.
    The number of people who have recovered was 2187 on May 11th and today it’s 3145.

  2. Has anyone checked on Mr. Ellis and his health situation? Writing that had to seriously harm him in some physical manner. I’m a little surprised the entire state didn’t hear his head pop when he hit “send”.

  3. Hospitalizations are going up and that’s the number they say is the most important.

    1. Not really. Hospitalizations are where they’ve been from the start at 8 percent of active cases. Deaths are still barely 1 percent of all cases, and those deaths are entirely in the older demographic and those with immunity issues.

      1. Deaths are roughly one percent of all positive tests, which is likely far below one percent of all cases.

        Most of us will probably be exposed before there’s a vaccine, and most of us would probably be better off if we were exposed now than if we were exposed next winter.

        Government “contact tracing” of a bad cold that may infect 70-plus percent of the population is somewhere between a total joke and an inefficient use of limited resources.

        Kudos to Jonathan Ellis for acknowledging the obvious.

        1. There is no explanation. I saw this story yesterday morning. The death of a young person is a tragedy, just as any deaths from this virus are. It is unfortunate, but in most of the cases, the deaths are ending peoples’ lives by a few years at best. Most of the deaths are occurring in nursing homes. We do not know if Mr. Price had any underlying factors. For example did he have diabetes? Did he have some sort of breathing issue? The bottom line here is Death does not take a holiday. It is around us all of the time. This is just one of the ways some of us are going to go on to the next world. You can hole up if you want, but most of us are going to take our chances and live our lives.

  4. How is Noem’s Hyrdoxychloroquine medical experiment going? Haven’t heard much on that program?

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