Americans for Prosperity Applauds Advancement of Microbrew Bill

Americans for Prosperity Applauds Advancement of Microbrew Bill

Grassroots group commends Senate Commerce and Energy Committee for passage of bill to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs.

PIERRE, S.D.—Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota (AFP-SD), the largest free market, grassroots organization in South Dakota, on Tuesday applauded the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee’s passage of Senate Bill 169, which would allow small businesses to grow and thrive in South Dakota.

“Government at any level should work to promote the prosperity of its people,” said AFP-SD Deputy State Director Andrew Curley. “This bill would reduce the current barriers our state’s microbrewers and their employees face as they work to grow and serve their customers. Not only would this legislation open the market and bring South Dakota more in line with our neighboring states, it would also be a signal to others that South Dakota welcomes your small business and will be a partner, not inhibitor, to your success. We raise our glass to the Senators on the committee for advancing this bill, and we urge the full Senate to support this bill as it comes to the floor.”

Curley testified before the committee on Tuesday in support of this bill. The transcript of his testimony can be found here.

6 Replies to “Americans for Prosperity Applauds Advancement of Microbrew Bill”

    1. David Barranco

      Agreed. I’ve not yet read the specific bill, but I support legislative efforts to cut red tape and “reduce the barriers our state’s microbrewers and their employees face.” Our community benefits from laws that shrink bureaucracy, open the market, and proclaim that South Dakota welcomes investment and small business.

      Excellent proposal. Skoal!

    1. Anonymous

      The Koch brother appear to be good, upstanding, contributing Americans who actually love the country. Everybody you show support for on your posts, not so much. Venezuela is calling you, Ike.

      1. Anonymous

        Ike does have a point which many probably don’t realize. Ironically the Koch brothers, George Soros, Peter B. Lewis heir to the founder of Progressive Insurance and other millionaire investors do fund the Drug Policy Alliance that has an end goal of legalizing all drugs in the US. Making money off the drug trade as investors in future opportunities? That remains to be seen.