Americans for Prosperity takes stand against using taxpayer dollars for political campaigns

From my mailbox:

South Dakota needs your help. With the passage of Measure 22 last election, South Dakotans will be forced to fund political campaigns with their tax dollars. That’s why Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota is calling state legislators to Repeal 22 and enact meaningful campaign finance and ethics reforms.

Measure 22 was passed thanks to big spending by out-of-state interests. Supporters promoted it under the guise of campaign finance reform, but Measure 22 will actually take taxpayer money to fund political campaigns-to be used for things like TV ads-away from necessary budget items such as education, public safety, and transportation infrastructure.

These are not ethical ways to approach campaign finance reform. In fact, a judge has already suspended Measure 22, stating that it is unconstitutional!  Taxpayers should not have their money spent promoting the ideas of political candidates they might not agree with or support. Individuals should not have their private donations to charities exposed to people who could use that information to target and intimidate them for supporting certain causes.

 Ask your legislators to repeal 22. You can make your voice heard by clicking here to call your state representative and senators.

Encourage them to pass constitutional reforms that will address campaign finance and political ethics without putting people’s privacy at risk or using tax money to fund political campaigns.

In Liberty,

Ben Lee
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota

9 Replies to “Americans for Prosperity takes stand against using taxpayer dollars for political campaigns”

      1. Anonymous

        AFP-SD is not an out-of-state group. It has had an office in Sioux Falls since 2014 and an office in Rapid City since 2015. It has activists and donors across the state. Besides, there were over 20 more South Dakota groups who were part of the Defeat 22 Campaign.

  1. Jaa Dee

    “Americans for Prosperity takes stand” = Americans for Prosperity is a right-wing political advocacy group founded by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, the owners of Koch Industries..

    AFP– file–


  2. Jaa Dee

    “Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota is calling state legislators to Repeal 22”– They have a huge amount of money to spend…. IM22 might limit the influence of groups on both sides from “paying” their respects to the legislators… Oh yeah, that is why our corrupt hired hands don’t want the ethics reforms in IM22..

    Maybe somebody can explain why AFP-( Koch industries) is so interested in what the S.D. legislature might do that they would spend such huge $ on defeating ethics reform? If the “credit program” is in fact ever declared UnConstitutional , so be it, but why would Koch bros. give a d—? The only thing concerning them is the fact that theirs and other groups influence ($) to the hired help would be drastically cut. It really doesn’t take the IQ of a salamander to see why Koch ind. and the ethically impaired Reps. are against IM22..

  3. Springer

    OK, Jaa Dee, enough is enough of the name calling. Actually it is quite laughable to hear a Dem refer to the GOP as ethically impaired after the findings of the recent election, but that aside…. I am a GOP, used to be a Dem until the Dem party left me and moved further and further leftward. I am not, nor are any of the other GOP’ers in SD that I know, ethically impaired. If you can’t argue your point without stooping to name calling and swearing, IMO you have already lost the debate.

  4. Tara Volesky

    Truth hurts…….do these Legislators miss their ALEC trips hosted by Koch industries. The politicians lost the debate and the people won the election by voting for IM22.