And a slightly less nutty resolution on Obamacare.

Someone decided to propose an alternative resolution, as opposed to the earlier nutjob one attacking the Governor..

The new one may pass. Because the former proposal does not even deserve to be considered.

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  1. Springer

    I wish it would have been a little stronger on the idea of getting rid of Obamacare entirely. But I imagine that we will be stuck with this forever; just get it passed and let it ride for awhile and people will forget about it and accept it.

    1. MC

      I don’t if we can get completely out Obamacare right now. the best we can do is manage the damage as best as we can.

  2. Troy Jones

    We can and we will get out of Obamacare because it is unsustainable.

    The issue is we have to be proposing an alternative that is reasonable (which since it passed a certain wing of the party which thinks it is “actual” conservatives have not allowed to be presented as salable). The Repeal and do nothing has short-term consequences that are wholly politically disastrous.

  3. Anne Beal

    I know it’s been a long day but I think the first one was submitted by Bolin and the second by Hubbel, who withdrew hers.
    And we voted for Bolin’s. Wasn’t that how it went? I didn’t take notes. I was hungry.
    Anyway both could be viewed as attacks on the Governor.
    Well-deserved attacks IMHO.

  4. mhs

    Time to move on from hating Obamacare and focus on more productive agendas. The thing is dying of its own weight and won’t survive for more than a few years, even if Hillary wins.

    No, time to do the hard work: Paul Ryan’s common sense agenda is a good place to start. It’s not sexy stuff, but, we have to start somewhere undoing the incredible wave of far-left regulatory policy-making Obam’s corps of True Believers have written in to our everyday lives.

  5. Springer

    Just learned that Blue Cross/Blue Shield is pulling out of MN for individual plans; they can’t afford them since Obamacare. Still offering group plans though. Thanks, Obama and Dems.


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