And another postcard…. (From some guy of ill-repute)

I received this postcard in the mail yesterday… and well, ok. I know because I mailed it in my own race, the only other one on the primary ballot in Brookings besides President and State Senate:



I’ve entertained notions of sending one out before, since every single time I sign up to be a committeeman, I’m opposed by the same person. I’ve won every time, but I don’t want to take anything for granted.  Plus, since I represent one of the largest voting precincts in the state (3,529 voters, 1,369 Registered Republicans), it was also an opportunity for me to personally recommend the re-election of Larry Tidemann as State Senator.

Not that Doug Post is a bad person, but he hasn’t knocked on my door, or put one piece of literature in my mailbox. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a sign for him in the entire precinct.  Which isn’t a good thing when this is the largest precinct in District 7. In other words, he hasn’t made any case of why I should vote for him, much less why he’s a better choice than Senator Tidemann who has been pretty good for Brookings.