And here’s what passes for debate among South Dakota’s Liberals. Or is that the KKK?

I’d preface this by noting that I had to ban this specific commenter from this website for stepping over the line a few too many times for being abusive.

But at the website sponsored by Cory Heidelberger, the Aberdeen Democrat State Senate candidate defeated by Al Novstrup, this is what apparently what passes for debate and discussion among hard left Democrats:

Read that racist bigotry here.

Did I say that’s a discussion among hard left Democrats? It might be a conversation heard in a KKK meeting.  And if you can’t tell the difference, there might be a problem.

12 Replies to “And here’s what passes for debate among South Dakota’s Liberals. Or is that the KKK?”

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations to Cory and Dakota Free Press. They have a hit a new low. Comparing people to Nazis and inciting hatred towards Jews and Catholics all in the same post.

  2. Miranda Gohn

    It must make it especially difficult for Erin Heidelberger to be a Lutheran minister in Aberdeen with all the hateful and vile comments that are posted on Cory’s blog. They are never deleted and provides an environment where it is encouraged and supported. Last week it was very derogatory and hurtful comments against LGBT and then this. The moderate Democrats I know in South Dakota just cringe when they read this these hateful comments and besides just being reprehensible it is just killing efforts to build an opposition party in the state. Take the high road? Not Dakota Free Press. I would love to see the Southern Poverty Law center list that blog as a hate entity.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        Tomorrow I may check into it and see how involved the process is to have DFP listed and see if they qualify. As I have mentioned before hypocrisy at it’s finest. That blog has a long history of it from the guy who rooted for drug use and our law enforcement to be hurt and killed to other prime examples. It is all counterproductive.

          1. Miranda Gohn

            Look back to when Kurtz posted on there. He felt that South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Bader had it coming when he was attacked and injured badly during a stop on I-90. Just go back and see where he posted. His favorite saying was Cops Lives Suck.

  3. Troy Jones

    People who know their history will grasp this:

    Cory and his cult members are eerily and frightenly similar in all respects to the Jacobins of the French Revolution which gave rise to Robspierre and the Reign of Terror.

  4. Anonymous

    If a conservative blogger allowed such anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic rants to be posted and remain on his/her website, the editors and/or columnists at the Aberdeen American News and/or the Argus Leader would be rightly condemning him/her, but I doubt that there will be a word written about it in this instance.


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