And more sour grapes from the Democrats. *Updated* They’re still crabby.

I can’t imagine how Democrats lost up and down the ballot in South Dakota.

Update! They’re still crabby:

So, according to the liberal dems, because they don’t want to buy what the dems are selling, Republicans are ignorant, etc…

And they wonder why they can’t win elections in South Dakota?

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  1. Troy Jones

    Temper tantrum #2. Being in the helmet business is going to get really good when Grandma Ruth retires and is replaced by Auntie Amy Coney Barrett.

    Christina, Julie, Michael, and Diane are gifts that will keep on giving. But, Rayne, I worry about your stability.

  2. Michael L. Wyland

    I don’t understand why “Living Blue in South Dakota” believes Mueller will be protected with a House Dem majority. The pundits I’ve been listening to believe that the House Dems will insist on mounting their own investigations, potentially (or likely) interfering with Mueller’s work. Between the House Dems on one flank and the President’s potential firing/resignations of AG Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein on the other, Mueller’s best path would seem to be wrapping up his work before January.

  3. Anonymous

    South Dakota. Carry on. America doesn’t look to you for much, anyway. 41st in innovation among 50 states. You have the state your majority feels most comfortable with. Enjoy your hygge.

    1. Fled to Red

      I for one am proud to have fled the so called innovation and production of those blue states to live in a state where “producers” actually produce something you can see and touch–food, or fans, or medical wraps instead of white papers and committee reports and a yet another analysis of something nobody cares about.

      Proud South Dakotan here,

  4. Troy Jones

    The Democrats launched a lynching against Kavanaugh and lost every Senator who bought into the lynching.

    If they redux the approach led by Maxine and Adam, it won’t get good results for the people but will help Republicans strengthen their grip on the Senate (at least net pick-ups) and regaining the House.

    1. William Beal

      With GOP retaining control of the Senate, I expect judicial confirmations to continue at a rapid pace. McConnell, who titled his memoir “The Long Game,” frequently reminds his allies that the Senate is in the personnel business.

      “This is a comprehensive list of all Article III and Article IV United States federal judges appointed by Donald Trump during his presidency, as well as a partial list of Article I federal judicial appointments, excluding appointments to the District of Columbia judiciary.[1]

      As of November 4, 2018, the United States Senate has confirmed 84 Article III judges nominated by President Trump, including 2 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 29 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 53 judges for the United States District Courts, and 0 judges for the United States Court of International Trade.[2] There are currently 57 nominations to Article III courts awaiting Senate action, including 7 for the Courts of Appeals, 48 for the District Courts, and 2 for the Court of International Trade.[3] There are currently 11 vacancies on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 111 vacancies on the U.S. District Courts, 2 vacancies on the U.S. Court of International Trade,[3] and 20 announced federal judicial vacancies that will occur before the end of Trump’s first term (4 for the Courts of Appeals and 16 for District Courts).”

      As I was writing this comment, I just heard of this breaking news: “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, fell in her office at the court and fractured three ribs, according to a release from the court Thursday.”

      1. a friend of education

        Agree. The bottom line: a conservative judiciary. Until 2020, the rest as Sir Winston Churchill put it, is a bunch of “jaw jaw.”

  5. Anonymous

    Foul language is the best the Dems can come up with as they can’t defend their positions. Higher taxes, unfunded health care, no borders-great plan, Living Blue in South Dakota. I certainly wish people like this would move to California where they would be happier.

  6. Troy Jones

    If you had asked any national Democrat leader before yesterday,

    “Would you be satisfied with 30-35 seat gain and control in the House, a net-loss of one Senate seat, and a gain of 7 Governor seats?”, I suspect they’d have taken it in a second even though is would be accepting one of gains in a mid-first-term election. If it ends up a loss of 3 Senate, I suspect they have taken their chances with an election.

    If you had asked a state Democrat leader before yesterday, “Would you be satisfied with loss of Congress, Governor, all Constitutional offices, one seat seat and a gain of one House seat?”, they’d have said no way.

    In short, together SD Democrats can not be happy. But reacting in such a manner doesn’t reflect well on them.

    1. ymous

      I think it reflects perfectly on the Troy. It’s their true colors which they ran away from pre-election. It’s who they really are.

  7. Anonymous

    This FB page is for the alt-left, the ones who support violence, by any means necessary. How many supporters of this hate are teachers, are political representatives, are community leaders? Someone should report their hate speech to the FB police.

  8. Troy Jones

    The Keloland Poll taken right before the election had a cross-tab that said 68% of South Dakota’s believe the state to be on the right track.

    So, if the people of Living Blue think the current situation which 68% of the voters like is “the dark ages, ” I think the ignorant people are those who expect us to become California (where a majority of the people think they are on the wrong track).

    BTW, these vile humans are often the loved ones of people of Living Blue’s pursuasion. I just wonder if this is really an effective way to attract supporters.

    1. enquirer

      your wondering is justified. the obvious answer is that it will take a party revolt to wrest the steering wheel away from these dopes.

  9. Anonymous

    I know two of Rhoden’s boys including Reggie and they are both fine young men in person and on Facebook. This page banned me as well. I’d wear that post like a badge of honor had it been me.

    1. Anonymous

      I know him too! Hes such a good kid, I cant imagine he said anything that would constitute being called out like this! That whole family is some of the most dignified folk I’ve met! After what they did to Kavanaugh I’m not surprised!!

  10. Anonymous

    Dem’s aren’t crabby. As little as we contribute, SD is still part of an America that’s trending liberal. This was an election about Trump. The farther you’re removed from a real city the more Trump is supported.

  11. enquirer

    it enrages me to read again and again the wholly unjustified claim of high intelligence from this fear-mongering bloodless mafia, who is allowed free reign to keep the state’s not-republican political types in relentless thrall. i’m about to register independent again, having gone g.o.p. for this most recent election but feeling like the republican party’s fractured fight between the tea party and the establishment is ridiculous. i know a lot of democrats, really fine people, who don’t bother with state-level and national-level politics because of the angry activists who keep each other at the very font of party power itself, blocking out their betters again and again. for what? constant losing, and the right to yell like crybabies about how stupid their conquerors are. it’s tedious and disgusting. “yet again the majority of SD voters is ignorant, and voting ‘against their interests.’ ” TRANSLATION: ‘yet again, we failed to take control of the majority of voters by making them deathly afraid to appear stupid, just as we are always afraid to appear stupid. so we are now left with calling them ignorant as loudly as possible, because it’s the only card we have to play.” it’s especially galling to put up with the derisive “they vote against their own interest” canard, as if accepting the bait they dangle is worth the hook we will never dislodge; as if we should just be glad to pay the tribute and hope they burn someone else’s house, not ours. these lib activist idiots can go to hell, all of them. dammit.

    1. enquirer

      then i’m glad there was only one post here where i responded to you. people must hide behind their own fake names, not the real names of others. have the antifa and occupy dopes gone to hell yet?


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