And my Massachusetts tour continues!

And my Massachusetts tour continues on!  As noted yesterday, after jettisoning my 12 passenger van for a Chrysler Town & country, my wife and I have been eating, imbibing and enjoying the sights.

This morning, we got up and did a bit of walking around downtown Boston, where history resides on every corner.

This historic graveyard was one of our first stops…

And Faneuil Hall/market with its multitude of shops is a place for a return trip when I’m back on Sunday.


The site of the Boston Massacre on State street at the old state house sits as a centerpiece for the area among the more modern skyscrapers.

This Chipolte is the site of a former bookstore owned by Benjamin Franklin’s brother. (apparently people went to the bookstore to suffer gastric distress.)

We also saw the site of the first school in America, where some of our founding fathers attended school as children.

From there we headed to Salem Massachusetts, where we’re currently enjoying lunch amidst the gravestones and more New England historic sites.

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