And one last look back at yesterday…

It really was a good game yesterday. I’m ready to go back.  And I notice they won against the Angels again today! (That’s 3!)


3 Replies to “And one last look back at yesterday…”

  1. duggersd

    I cannot verify this, but someone told me that the last time the Twins were 2 and 9 they won the World Series in 1991.

  2. Troy Jones

    I don’t know if they were 2-9 but I do think 1991 was the year they started out dismally and then won 22 or so games in a row in June.

  3. Troy Jones

    Just looked it up:

    Opened 1991 with a record of 2-9 (5.5 Games Back). On May 27, they were 7.5 Games Back with a record of 20-24 The Twins then won 3 or the four last games of May and the first 15 games of June to go into the Division lead going 24-3 getting to 44-27 (4.5 Games Ahead). While twice they fell back into a tie, they never gave up the Division Lead and finished up 8 games.

    They beat the Blue Jays in 5 games in the ALCS and proceeded to beat the Braves in 7 games (the year of Kirby’s 6th game catch and home run and Black Jack’s 10 inning shut-out).