And predictably, the Argus Leader covers the GOP convention.

So, over 600 delegates show up at GOP Convention with speeches from elected leaders, statewide candidates, competitive elections, political intrigue, wheeling, dealing, and three days of events, booths, etc.

And what do they spend half of their article on?

On the bridge over the Missouri River, more than 40 demonstrators hoisted signs and yelled at drivers, among them, delegates heading into town for the South Dakota Republican Party’s convention.

Read that here.

Doubling the count of 20 people standing on the bridge yelling at passing cars.


12 thoughts on “And predictably, the Argus Leader covers the GOP convention.”

  1. Dana F. is one of the worst reporters in state history. David Montgomery was so great. He is surely missed.

  2. at least there was a head count. most stories about democrat protests i read usually leave the crowd size detail out.

  3. Dana Turd Ferguson belongs at a old information medium like the Argus where news gets manufactured on a daily basis.

  4. These people were protesting a policy that was fumbled off the snap. A characteristic of an administration of chaos that also happens to share the same symbol as the party gathering in Pierre. Can’t shy away from those partisan labels, remember. Regardless of any mean 7th grade nickname one has thought of for Dana Ferguson, it seems rather obvious whomever was reporting on this display of democracy would mention others participating in democracy in another way.

  5. there was nothing wrong with the article, such as it was. the argus did alright. it would have been worse to have them lead with the protest as part of the convention story, which easily could have happened. the protesters are playing their part in the national political theater, which intends to scare the adults while they work to support the president and take back the country. we must forge on and not stop til we prevail.

  6. Were these same humanitarians protesting when Buhrock was in the White House? Didn’t think so. Democrat is Latin for Hypocrite.

  7. I was at the convention for 3 days and didn’t even see them. I was at the CONVENTION which apparently the reporter missed and should receive a pay cut for not doing his job. You don’t need to be a journalist to know that they did not stick to the TOPIC. This is why we need to get behind the great slate of republican candidates in every race that was held in Pierre. Can you imagine what a mess liberals would make of our great state of SD if they come into power? Liberals and republicans who go after republicans need to be squashed in November.

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