22 thoughts on “And that school board meeting went well. From Mitchell”

  1. MItchell School Board should we embarrassed and asked about this. This shouldn’t happen on South Dakota over a mask of all things.

  2. Is this guy, who didn’t want to wear a mask, going to start going to restaurants without a shirt and shoes, too? What about a roped off accident scene that he comes upon in the future, is he going to try to drive through it, too? God forbid he should ever have to have serious surgery someday, but if he does, is he suggesting the doctors and nurses shouldn’t wear masks during the procedure?

  3. Seriously, it’s a mask in a public space. Second of all, glad he could dress up for the occasion. There always has to be one jerk in the room who can’t play by the rules. I’m surprised that snowflake didn’t ask for a participation ribbon just for being at the meeting.

  4. Pat, you don’t back the blue? Follow the rules and you won’t have a problem, etc! Shoulda tazed the thug after he started resisting.

  5. I applaud this guy! This mask stuff is out of control and anyone with a brain knows a cloth mask does not work against a Virus which is so small it can go through anything except a Level 3 N95 Mask and great. The other versions of the N95 masks do not work and the virus can pass through it.
    This is different that a private business, it’s a public forum and the govt should not be mandating what we wear. If masks work and you think they work YOU wear one and you should be protected, correct!!! This mask debate is silly and should not be forced on anyone and there should be no restrictions. The bigger issue is how easily people in this country are manipulated into wearing something that is not effective yet is used to publicly shame people. I am starting to understand how the Nazis got the Jews to wear a Star around. Yes I know very different situation but, it does make me wonder how any society devolved to such a point we took a whole group of people and made them wear a badge to single them out. Now people who dont wear masks in certain places are being singled out.

    We can argue with how this guy was dressed or what is intent was all day long but, from the video I watched he sat there and was trying to engage the board and was polite and cordial. The only time he got a little testy was when the officer tried to physically remove him for not wearing a mask. We really need to think long and hard on what we are doing and I found it disgusting and these are the times I wish Law Enforcement would use their brains and just say I am not dragging a guy out of a building because he is not wearing a face diaper.

    As a side note I am former Military and Men were not allowed to have Beards due to the fact you had to have a perfect seal on your Gas Mask ensure no Chemical or Biological airborne particles got in. If you use logic and common sense you dont see the military issue cloth face diapers for Biological warfare, do ya now.

    1. What do you think the virus is transmitted in? Do you think the virus just hangs out in the air by itself or do you think it is transmitted via droplets? I am also former military. Do you think comparing a virus transmitted via droplets to mustard gas is logical?

      1. They are for Biological attacks as well my brother. I remember when I was in we were all worried about Anthrax being used to attack soldiers.

        The dropples argument is bunk and here is my point. If I am sneezing all over then yeah I should probably stay home, thats just common sense but, if your healthy there is NO reason to wear a mask. The fact that the WHO and CDC have different guidelines on healthy people wearing them is telling in itself. If I am not sneezing or have a runny nose or anything wearing a mask does nothing but, make others “feel better”. I am not trying to argue with people if THEY FEEL the need to wear one I support you in your freedom to wear one. I take issue with others forcing me to wear one when its not medically necessary as I am healthy.

          1. Not if I am not sneezing all over or “spreading droplets”. If I am picking my nose and wiping on your shirt then yeah maybe but people are social distancing and not touching each other. That is how a virus spreads outside of droplets. Just like every other virus thats why we wash hands and dont touch our face.

            Name calling is always the mark of someone who is on the losing end of an argument Make your point but, try to be respectful This is the problem in this country we cannot just talk about stuff and have a conversation and hear each other out. We resort to name calling. I bet you would not call me a Dolt to my face because if we were having a conversation I bet it would be respectful and we would hear each other out. We may agree to disagree but, after thats over we may find we have more in common than not. Relax and make your point and if you still cannot see my point and at least acknowledge what I am trying to articulate then thats on you. I hear what you are saying and I just disagree with your point and thats ACTUALLY ok. Have a good day

  6. Obey the rules or leave. What a child. I’ve never seen so many grown adults whine about 5 min of inconvenience to help keep people safe and the schools open. Cry us all a river.

    1. Kids have no issue with masks. So calling him a child is not an insult in this case. More like a magat. (Not a typo)

  7. Scientific evidence has proven that if people respect each other by wearing masks the transmission rate will decrease exponentially! https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/06/417906/still-confused-about-masks-heres-science-behind-how-face-masks-prevent The police are to be applauded for enforcing the directives of the school board. It’s not a “rights” issue, it is a respect issue. We respect the public enough to distance & wear masks indoors when being around others.

    1. Respect is not a right and this is where you are wrong. If respect were a right we would not be seeing riots, or the name calling, or the vitriol. We would see people say “excuse me” or “please” more often. We are really dangerously close to losing a lot of freedoms by mandating people do certain things that people are NOT seeing the BIGGER picture. This virus is NOT going away and we will have more to come so every time something new comes out do we cower in the corner and MAKE everyone wear masks. What is next people. Look in California they are banning Church gatherings but, you can riot and thats all good. I will assemble where I want, especially a public space, and without restriction because if we start allowing this stuff, someone with an Agenda you MAY Not like will start forcing things on you.

      If you look at the data, the death rate in SD has PLUMMETED based on the people who have gotten it. It’s now on par with the Flu at 1% (184 deaths vs 16,801 cases). So are we going to do this crap every flu season and take away rights or force people to do stuff to make us FEEL better. If we put this much energy into banning things that REALLY kill people and harm us we would be in such a better place but, no we are focusing on a virus that will come and will go just like many before.


  8. Talk about creating a problem. It is silly & childish that the school board would involve the police over this matter. Completely uncalled for, & new Adult leadership is needed.

  9. Just curious about what are the things that “Really kill people and harm us” that you think should be banned? It’s not the anti-mask position that is troubling, it’s the hypocrisy from many of those those taking that position. If you are for legalized gambling and recreational pot and think the government should not mandate masks, I can understand that and maybe even agree with it or at least respect your consistency. But if you think you are some kind of patriot by refusing to wear masks while supporting the big government banning other personal freedoms, than I hope you can at least appreciate the contradiction in your view on liberty and have respect for those who disagree with you, since you sort of disagree with yourself…at least philosophically.

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