And the establishment grows concerned…

If for no other reason than to upset the establishment in Washington DC, I’m glad Gingrich won the South Carolina primary. The talk among the talking heads on television now seems to be that the establishment must devise a plan to stop Gingrich from winning Florida.

I’ve said it before, I like Romney but of the remaining choices, I have been rooting for Gingrich. When the establishment comes out and condemns someone, it makes me like them more. We all like to root for the underdog.

Newt has been elevated by winning the SC primary, and this ensures that the Republican primary continues on for a while. Let’s hope all the way to South Dakota!

Now the race moves on to Florida. Ironically, Florida is a state where the DC establishment lined up behind the wishy washy Governor Charlie Crist rather than the conservative Marco Rubio in the 2010 senate primary. We all know how that election turned out.

The GOP presidential race just got very interesting!

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  1. anon

    I still believe that of the republican candidates we have to choose from, Newt is the ONLY one who could defeat Obama in the fall.

  2. caheidelberger

    Of the four remaining candidates, Newt Gingrich currently scores the worst average spread against Obama. Your claim that Newt is the “only” one who can beat the President is wishful thinking detached from empirical evidence.

    And “Bill Clay,” how can you claim to be excited to see the establishment nervous? You are the establishment. Give it a rest.

      1. Ron Paul 2012!!!

        Dr. Paul is the only person who can make real change in DC.

        Cory you seem to be sweating hard core over the idea of Newt as a candidate. Imagine if you were running against Ron Paul!

      1. Stan Gibilisco

        I’ll say this much … Mitt Romney’s “hemming and hawing” about his tax returns, that great “Maybe” that erupted from his mouth as his face revealed embarrassment and nausea, followed by the revelation that he paid less than 14 percent of his income in taxes for 2010, mainly because it’s practically all from investments … Clearly Mitt Romney belongs to the “One Percent” club. He comes off to me as a vulture capitalist now. My respect for him has dropped like the pressure in a hurricane. Mitt Romney might well sit on the verge of a political collapse unlike anything in recent memory.

  3. katzy

    Newt would squash O in a debate and would be the most fun on TV in years! The fact that the establishment and Obama don’t like Newt only makes me more sure he is the best candidate. O would walk all over Romney in a debate – Romneycare, taxes, Cain Capital, etc. I think Romney is a good guy, but it’s going to take guts besides good guy to squash O and his cohorts.

  4. BF

    Anyone who thinks Newt Gingrich isn’t part of the DC establishment has been smoking something funny. He’s as DC insider as it gets. But, by all means, please, nominatie him and watch what happens.

    1. anon

      I’ll take that offer… Big O wouldn’t have a chance in a debate. This year, the country is ready for real change, not just a slogan.

      1. BF

        First, Obama will have all the options when it comes to a debate. He will decide how many how long, whatever.

        If his poll numbers are high enough he doesn’t really even have to do ’em. But he will. And all he will have to do is sit there and let Gingrich make an ass out of himself which is what he does best.

        Every intelligent Republican knows this.

        Gingrich is a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person looks like.

          1. BF

            Krugman was borrowing it himself. It’s a widely known and accepted meme about Mr. Gingrich, Krugman was just repating it, as am I.

            As to your other question, you’ll have to ask someone really smart… and don’t be surprised or offended if you don’t like the answer.

            1. veldy

              2nd question was satirical concerning Paul Krugman. Could be applied to any number of talking heads.
              And “widely known and accepted about…” is a pretty common ploy for getting a “meme” in play after it’s been repeated a few times.

  5. troy jones


    I know. I don’t get it. Of those remaining, only Romney never served in DC yet he is the insider?

    I’m still trying to figure out who really is the “establishment.”

    1. Anonymous

      Personally I think the establishment is the people who rake in the money from working in DC.

      Gingrich might have served in DC for a long time but people who have been elected don’t seem to like him.

      Just because someone served in DC for decades doesn’t mean they ever became and insider.

      1. Anonymous

        Look at Noem’s staff and tell me how many of those kids running around DC know anything about the real world.

        They are all young wipper snappers who graduated from college and then decided they new enough to advise a congressperson. I don’t get why we have 30 and 20 year olds running congressional staff.

    2. paul

      Mitt is the insiders choice because he won’t make any major changes. Newt is all about bold ideas and big changes that is why the establishment fears him.

      Newt will actually make those Republicans cut spending instead of simply taking about doing so.

  6. BF

    Troy, the GOP has a real conundrum here. Gingrich’s favorables vs unfavorables are in the toilet and have been for decades. He is wildly unpopular, far more so than any other GOP candidate. That means he will have zero coattails if he runs, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, Mitt is clearly showing that he is unable to defeat a wildly unpopular candidate simply because he doesn’t have the personal charm and wit to pull it off. i.e he doesn’t really have a Political problem, he has a “Mitt” problem.

    It’s indeed a puzzlement.

    1. duggersd

      It is rather interesting. We could possibly have two major candidates who have negatives higher than their positives. Troy, you don’t get it? Perhaps if you watch Mitt, you see someone who does not seem to be comfortable with the public. When you see Newt, he is in his element. Mitt cannot even explain why it is OK to be rich. Newt offers ideas with some specific proposals. Mitt offers generalities. I was just reading an article by Mark Stein in which he says Mitt steals “a shining city on a hill” from a guy he repudiated. Whether it is true or not, Newt just comes off as more authentic. Don’t get me wrong, I would take either of these guys of the current occupant in the White House, but if Mitt wants to win this thing, I believe he needs to show some life.

      1. BF

        Dugger, don’t look now, but the only one who seems to be in line with your hero Ronald Reagan on taxes is Barrack Obama:

          1. Anonymous

            So did Obama enact a huge tax increase on the middle class to pay for growing government?

            Was Obama the head of a labor union?

  7. eye pea

    Gingrich is ahead in Florida according to Rasmussen. If Newt is the nominee the DNC would flay then quarter him like a Georgia hog.

    Flush the GOP.

  8. Lee Brown

    It appears some of you are allowing your distaste for government to overshadow what else is going on and thus missing the main reason that Newt is surging despite holding the most Washington establishment credentials of any candidate. Step back for a minute and remind yourself of the news headlines the past couple of years before the heavy lifting of the nomination campaign began.

    The anti establishment fever that is fueling the most passion within the voting masses right now is not the government establishment, although that?s always a part of it, but the greater source of anger at the moment is aimed at the Wall Street establishment. The illegal and immoral activity of many financial engineers which dominated the headlines for months and months became ingrained in voters? heads as the bane of our existence. By the way, bane is often spelled Bain.

    1. sdpride

      Financial engineers? Like say Freddie and Fannie? Who was it that lobbied for them? Oh wait. He was just a historian.

  9. sdpride

    This is amusing. People thinking that Newt is going to beat Obama in a debate.

    Sorry but throwing out lines about the “liberal media” isn’t going to play well with mainstream America.

    I can handle people having different stances on issues, but I can’t handle a complete lack of integrity and character. Not when we are talking about the most powerful position in the world.

    Newt is a scumbag and anyone who votes for him deserves the disaster that follows.

    1. Anonymous


      People don’t want to vote for Newt because of the debate. That’s just icing on the cake.

      Thune, Rubio, Christie, Daniels, Palin, Ryan, Huckabee, Jindal, Pence, Rice and Trump —– all thought better of the idea not to run. Who exactly do we have left to champion the conservative cause?

      You might think Newt isn’t conservative enough for your taste but considering he worked bipartisanly with Clinton and balanced the federal budget 4 times in the 90’s as speaker is a winner for me.

      Who has done more for conservatism than Gingrich since Reagan finnished his second term in ’88? NO ONE!

      1. sdpride

        Actually SC voters said the debates played a big part in their decisions. But it’s not about whether Newt is conservative. Although he isn’t. It’s about the fact that he is not equipped to be a leader.

        If he was responsible for the things you list, why do you think he was forced out?

        It’s because he wasn’t really behind them. Read what Senator Coburn has to say about Gingrich. He was only in it for himself. He will say or do anything to keep himself in the spotlight. He is the worst type of politician and anyone who votes for him deserves the mess that follows.

  10. troy jones


    I’m incensed at the “Wall Street” group subsidized and protected by the feds. Romney is the “anti” Wall Street as he was neither subsidized nor protected.

    You sound like Newt. 🙂

    1. Lee Brown

      Troy my friend,
      I am sure you know as well as I do that most voters are not making the distinction that you point out no matter how accurate it may be. Most people think all money changers are the same – except you of course. 🙂

      I’m no fan of The Newt but it?s hard to deny what is happening right now. I am starting to believe those predicting a brokered convention may be on to something.

      1. snow flake

        Lee Brown deserves mucho credit for providing his services to Kristi Noem’s primary campaign.

        Lee took a candidate few people thought had a chance, with little money or experience, 0 name id and defeated a popular secretary of state with huge name id and a well funded Dr serving in the legislature.

        The general was auto pilot. The primary is where the work was done.

  11. anon

    It’s pretty obvious that Newt scares the heck out of the dems on this blog. I think that gives us a little more ingsight.

    1. Bill Fleming

      I think I expressed delight at the possibility of his nomination. If that wan’t clear, let’s please clarify. I am hoping against hope that Obama has Newt Gingrich for an opponent. Nothing in that race could please me more, except maybe Donald Trump.

      1. duggersd

        Please, Brer Fox! Don’t throw me into that briar patch! I am always suspicious liberals telling me who would be a better match-up. But then on the other hand maybe you have figured that out and are doing the old double back trick! But then maybe you figured I would figure that so you have done the old double double back trick!

  12. troy jones

    Lee Brown is among who I think has the best “ear” of what the public is collectively thinking. The success of KN during the primary is a credit to both Lee and KN. Lee for his experience over 30 years and KN for listening and discerning his wisdom.

    The point he was making is Newt gets the “wind.” My point is he is exploiting it based on perceptions that are inaccurate. I want a President who will change perceptions that are not factual vs. exploiting inaccuracies.

    1. duggersd

      Troy, we have a choice between two, shall we say flawed candidates. Which of the two do you believe will do more to make government smaller? I suspect Newt will, but would take Romney over Obama in a heartbeat. Which of the two would you say would work harder to eliminate Obamacare? I suspect Newt would, but would take Romney over Obama in a heartbeat. Whose tax plan do you like best? Which of the two has actually been involved in balancing a federal budget? Which of the two has done something about welfare? I really do not know Romney’s record on this one. Which of the two can lead? I suspect Romney has the edge in this, but I would take Newt over Obama in a heartbeat? Which of the two will take the fight to Obama? I suspect Newt would. Who is more passionate? I just read where the Washington post is saying Romney’s negatives are similar to Newt’s. Which of the two says vote for me because, rather than don’t vote for him? I do not know about you, but in November, I want to vote for someone rather than against. Yes, Newt has a lot of baggage. So does Romney. So does Obama.

      1. eye pea

        Let’s see: should we put the deck chairs on the RNC Titanic here or here, Barnes? President Obama’s baggage looks like carry-on compared to either of your earth haters.

        Bwahaha! You guys are toast.

        1. duggersd

          Actually, you may be right. There are almost as many people who pay nothing and get a free ride. Expecting them to vote against their “interests” is expecting quite a bit.
          Nobody knows where this election is going to wind up. Who knows, maybe Obama will get unemployment under 7%. He has come a long way in doing that. All he needs is about 1,000,000 more Americans to quit looking for work.
          Anybody who cares about whether the economy has a good chance in growing will vote for anybody but Obama. Anybody who wants to deficits to go away will vote for anybody but Obama. Anybody who wants health care costs to shrink will vote for anybody but Obama. Anybody who wants a strong military presence will vote for anybody but Obama. Anybody who is stupid enough to call people who desire conservative solutions for the challenges facing America “earth haters”, will vote for Obama.

          1. eye pea

            “Conservative solutions” is an oxymoron that went out with the previous administration, Doug; expect the President to be re-elected in a landslide.

                1. duggersd

                  Larry, President Obama has fewer people working than there were four years ago. He also has fewer people looking for jobs, lowering the unemployment rate. You can believe whatever your black little heart wants, but the facts are if you want a robust economy with more people looking for work and getting work, you need to get rid of the current occupant in the White House. We need someone who is pro-growth. But this is what I expect from you.

  13. sdpride

    And now Newt won’t participate in debates if the audience can’t cheer. And he even blamed the liberal media for it. How typical. Just goes to show that he is nothing more than a blowhard who distracts from the issues by playing to the Tea Party hatred of the media.

  14. anonymous

    The Wall Street Establishment is not that different than the Corporate Establishment which = Washington Establishment. Willard “Mitt” Romney is part of the Corp Est. that runs D.C.

  15. Anonymous

    None of the future leaders have answered the question of what will I do if I win and can not get it done. We hate Obama, we hate people who do not do what we want yet NO ANSWERS to the total problem.

    I did not vote for Obama and I did not like him from day one yet not answers to what will I do if I do not get my program passed.

  16. Troy Jones


    I’ve come to believe Romney is more sincere on all the matters you list for one reason: He panders less.

    I once had Newt as my first choice. today he is my last. But primaries are such I have until June to decide.

    1. duggersd

      While I disagree with you about pandering and sincerity, I respect you having the ability to make your own decision. I do not like seeing the types of attacks amongst the Republicans to weaken their candidate in the general. As for having time to choose, by June 10 it probably will not matter. Personally, I will not vote for any of them unless I decide the Republican party has earned my trust again and register with it.