And this years’ worst fundraising letter award goes to….

From the Aberdeen legislative candidate who declared how hard her classes were and “#f__knorthern” in her twitter feed, it looks like Democrat Nikki Bootz should have appreciated her classes a little more.  Especially the parts where she’s required to communicate in the English language.

But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself:

Nikki Bootz Fund Raising Letter_Page_1
Nikki Bootz Fund Raising Letter_Page_2

I don’t see a disclaimer, as required under South Dakota law. But that’s a minor offense against the electorate when you look at the egregious offenses against our native tongue.

Honestly, I’m not sure where she’s coming from with most of her letter. Not just where the letter switches schizophrenically from a third person to a first person narrative between paragraphs 3 and 4. It’s the rest the content that’s not just odd, it’s downright bizarre.

She goes on about how Democrats are being “outnumbered by Republicans by more than 1000 voters is due to gerrymandering.”  Aside from the fact no one cares, I question whether she knows what gerymandering is, since that’s a voter registration issue.

Of course, it devolves into semi-coherent slogans. just because it has to when the content runs dry. “Ms. Nikki is serious when it comes to politics, she has strong views on specific political issues that directly affect her own family.”  So, she doesn’t care about issues that don’t?   “Keeping our jobs local and open,” which means what? She wants lots of local unemployment?

She does take a stab at a position on the second amendment, where she sort of claims that she supports the right to bear arms, because “South Dakota’s economy depends a lot on it. Hunting is our own personal right for food and sport and aids in keeping farmers’ crops safe. We also have the right to bear arms in defense and to be prepared to defend ourselves as needed.”

Curiously, her declaration of support for gun rights in her fundraising letter seems to fly in the face of prior statements, such as this from facebook:


Which I had posted here,  where apparently she didn’t believe that legislators deal with abortion or gun rights.

What do you think? Should she have taken a run at draft two, three, …or fifteen before this mess was sent out?

20 Replies to “And this years’ worst fundraising letter award goes to….”

  1. Anonymous

    On top of it, like most people in this state, she annoyingly uses the postal code for South Dakota in a letter. I won’t support anyone who writes SD all the time – unless is an address. It needs to end. It makes everyone look like rubes and a good number of us are not.

  2. Anonymous

    but wait! Heidelberger says Bootz and the rest will join him in Pierre. he will be their leader

      1. Anonymous

        He has been quoted as saying “When I’m speaker of the House” or “When I’m Governor” The collection of other quotes can really do some damage to Heidelberger in the general election against Novstrup.

    1. Anonymous

      Well, I assume that there has to be one lemming who starts the conga line to the edge of the cliff, and it may as be a drippy hippie like Heidelberger.

  3. Spencer

    This is what happens when a Peter Pan complex gets 39+ signatures. She is all about her “personal views” and “representing her own family.” She has a personal agenda that has nothing to do with representing her district. Read her past comments on 3M, NSU, and everyone else in Aberdeen [SD] who has come in contact with this immature woman.

  4. Springer

    I was laughing as I read this. If she is as ignorant of basic English grammar and sentence structure, she should at least have a proofreader and editor help her before she sends anything further out for public view. After the serious events of today, this was actually quite entertaining as I head to bed!

  5. Troy Jones

    Stupid people deserve to be represented too. Might there be anyone better qualified than this person?

  6. anon

    I agree with Troy’s comment except I wouldn’t use the word stupid. Rather, I would use the word “vile” or “poorly educated.” She represents a cross section of society that has as much right to be heard as anyone else, even though I find her repulsive.

  7. Anonymous

    I stopped after she was referred to as”Ms Nikki”

    That is a form of address used for nannies, camp counsellors, and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club. It is a way children address the people who work for them.
    I don’t mind her being viewed as a servant, but I have a problem with the voters being viewed as children

    1. Anonymous

      Ms. Nikki sounds like a porn name. I agree with PP about her switch from third person to first person. This letter has no flow to it; it is simply a bunch of simple sentences strung together with the odd comma thrown in (incorrectly) for good measure.

      My passion is to not have a person like “Ms. Nikki” make decisions for anyone else.

  8. Troy Jones

    I just read it again. Fess up Pat. Nobody really spent the time and money to actually send this. You fished it out of her garbage didn’t you and photoshopped a series of paragraphs to make it look like it was in one document. And, you intentionally made it a rambling, repetitive bunch of gibberish as you did not include the full sentences and complete thoughts.

    Alternatively, after 20 beers at 2 a.m., you wrote it yourself and ordered it to be printed and mailed via your campaign material vendor. If you did this, your failure to be put the disclaimer on it will land you in hot water with the Secretary of State. Best ask for mercy from Shantel and Marty now before they knock on your door.

    Confession is good for the soul Pat. Admit it here and now.

  9. Anonymous

    Perhaps she had it written for her by a child who knew her when she was a babysitter, lifeguard, camp counselor or some such job, who still calls her “Ms Nikki?”

    1. Anonymous

      Of course we can’t rule out a patron of a gentlemen’s club
      As the author, either

  10. Anonymous

    This can’t be a final draft that was mailed out. You can tell it was scanned, it is all wrinkled and the printing on the second page is much darker than on the first page. Obviously not a final draft. This is an obvious fake. Whoever emailed this is scared she’s going to win and desperate.