Angie Buhl bails from her blog

The race in district 15 must be heating up because State Senator Angie Buhl has bailed from her blog only days after former district 15 Senator Kathy Miles filed to run as an independent in the general election.

The bailing Buhl comforts all 398 of you who voted for her and are sad to see her go.

I?ll still be around the internets, and am resolving to get more consistent about posting blog entries on my own website, so that y?all continue to hear from me.  So?.I?ll see you around the internets.

I wonder if this video showing Angie’s feelings toward Catholic’s from a while back has anything to do with Kathy’s decision to run?

Kathy Miles has Angie Buhl running scared, and her face has one term written all over it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Where was that video taken? That looks like a well-attended event somewhere. Weird. As a Catholic, I always knew Angie was working against my values and beliefs. Now I understand some of the psychology behind her motivations.


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