Angie Buhl – bringing in the PAC bacon from out of state

I was doing research on my article yesterday about the State Senate races I viewed as being the most competitive, and made a mental note about the finances of State Senator Angie Buh’s campaign efforts in the last election, and as well in this upcoming race.

For the primary in the 2010 election, Buhl brought in $10,195.50 in funds bundled by out of state group, ACT Blue, far outstripping other PAC donations:

This election looks to be no different, with the exception that the focus is on the general election, and not the primary.

This year, Buhl’s race has been targeted by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, who in April held a Washington DC fundraiser where they raised $450,000, as part of their efforts to elect LGBT candidates.

From her section on their website, it appears they’re performing a similar bundling of funds for Buhl on their website as national democratic bundling group ActBlue did in 2010.

While the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund has not registered as a PAC in South Dakota yet, it’s reported that Act Blue has already raised in the neighborhood of $8300 (from 12/31/11 forward) for Buhl in the 2012 contest.

In the last election, PAC amounts far outstripped the $3100 in individual donations Buhl received in the last primary election, and according to the reports available on hand, it would not appear that trend is going to slow down anytime soon.

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  1. Heidelberger

    1. ActBlue takes donations online from anywhere. I’d like to see the breakddown of ActBlue donations from in-state clickers and out-of-state clickers.

    2. We can see that breakdown on Kristi Noem’s FEC filings. According to the most recent data, in this cycle, Kristi Noem has received $781,625 in PAC money. $766,125 — 98% — comes from PACs listing their state as something other than SD.

    1. Anonymous

      Federal money in federal races in common. Federal money in state races is not.

      Must everything end in Noem for you? If I was your wife, I’d be more than a bit concerned.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Any notes on how many gay and lesbian supporters Kristi has, Cory? Or do you suppose she doesn’t want their votes or their money? Maybe Pat knows.

  3. Anonymous

    Act Blue isn’t necessarily people from out of state. It functions similar to Piryx, Pay Pal, etc. It basically allows candidates to collect money from people online. Chances are the $10,000 came from a variety of people/organizations, and some of those may have been in-state.

  4. Spencer

    Yeah, the “Progressive Change Campaign Committee” with their “Elect Elizabeth Warren and Her Allies Campaign” sound like a regular South Dakota Mom and Pop operation to me. Anyone who believes that even a sizeable portion of those ActBlue dollars originate locally needs to get their head examined.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been involved with several candidates’ campaigns that used Act Blue. A high percentage of contributions came from in-state citizens.

    I don’t know about Angie’s campaign specifically, but I do know a lot of people prefer to make a contribution through a candidate’s website or Facebook page because it’s easy. No checks. No envelopes. No stamps. That’s what I have witnessed, anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    She must be getting so much money because there are only 5 democratic senators and most of them either don’t have races or don’t support gay marriage.

    There aren’t any other coffers to fill.


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