Animal Rights Terrorists targeting South Dakota farms & businesses (Part 1)

How would you feel, if you knew your name had been placed on a list on the Internet, and someone with nefarious purposes in mind was encouraging terrorists to attack you? What if someone painted a target on your back, and encouraged people to “get you.”

Is that a concept that beggars the imagination? Unfortunately, It’s not far fetched at all.

And it’s happening in South Dakota right now.

As related in the New York Times yesterday:

After something of a hiatus, the animal rights movement has resumed a decades-old guerrilla war against the fur industry with a vengeance — and hints of more to come.


“Fur is just a gateway product,” Mr. Whelan said. “They’re against the production of leather, meat, wool, poultry, dairy. The reason they’re after the fur industry is because it’s low-lying fruit.”

Mr. Young quite agrees. “This really isn’t about fur in particular; it’s about animal exploitation,” he said. “If cows were able to survive in the wild and had a natural habitat, we’d release cows. Unfortunately, you can’t release a cow, so we have to release mink.”

Not that cows are not on the animal rights agenda. In August, a group called Iowans for Animal Liberation poured red paint over the Iowa butter cow, a life-size cow carved in butter that is a highlight of the state fair, to symbolize the blood animals shed on the way to being eaten, worn and otherwise exploited.

But for those who release animals from captivity, fur, and especially mink, appears to deliver the most bang for the buck.

The latest burst of raids appears to stem in part from an anonymous posting on a blog this summer of an updated list of mink and fox farms and research facilities first issued in 1996. The new list, called The Final Nail #4, includes addresses, instructions on how to free animals from cages and avoid detection, and a most-wanted list of desirable targets.

Read the entire story here.

A new flurry of activity – based on an updated list of targets and a how to manual.

final-nail-4_Page_01On June 1st, 2013, after being compiled by animal activists acting anonymously, “The Final Nail #4” was released on the internet “Just in time for Fur Raiding season” as one web site posting the document mused. What were the stated goals of the authors?

The Final Nail #4 offers these updates:

  • Over 100 new fur farms since #3
  • Specific details on fur farm layout (gathered from on-site investigations)
  • Analysis of weak links in the industry

The spirit and function of The Final Nail is needed now more than ever. In a time when the climate in the movement has shifted from offensive to defensive, from a conversation on what we’re going to do to stop them to what they’re doing to stop us, from a time of ALF actions at a rate of one every two weeks to one of final-nail-4_Page_09movement-wide paralysis inspired by rampant fear-mongering, The Final Nail represents a return to the essence of the ALF and the warrior model: the where, the how, and purpose that transcends all obstacles and fears.

To the rebirth of The Final Nail, and swift death of the fur industry.

What do they seek to accomplish? The leaders in the movement have seen diminished activity after successful prosecutions, and a lack of attention being paid by the general public. And as noted, “they’re seeking a return to the essence of the Animal Liberation Front and the Warrior model.”

What they’re seeking is nothing but the complete destruction of a section of agriculture & industry.

And as stated above, they don’t consider the release of mink & other fur bearing animals as the end all of their movement, but the low hanging fruit as targets of domestic terrorism against agriculture and it’s producers.

In other words, they’d go after cows if they could. And they’re starting anew with fur.

The South Dakota Connection

But what about the South Dakota connection?  Here’s the part that should cause us concern.

South-Dakota-hit-listThe group of animal rights terrorists anonymously producing the hit list for the myriad animal terrorism cells performing the raids has come up with a list of seven targets across the state they’ve encouraged their followers to raid, criminally destroying property, and potentially robbing producers of their livelihoods.

But those aren’t the only effects.

For these producers, there are other very real aspects to consider. A need for heightened personal security measures to protect their property. Added expenses for taxpayers from a law enforcement aspect.  And a general sense of doom for potentially being next on the animal raider’s hit list.

It CAN and HAS happened here.

Think it can’t happen in South Dakota?  Don’t. It already has. Today marks the 16th Anniversary of South Dakota’s most egregious incident of Ag/Eco-terrorism.

On Oct. 17, 1997, someone cut a 20-foot section of fence and released about 3,000 mink at the former Turbak Mink Ranch near Kranzburg. The mink — valued at $90,000 — got loose early in the morning. Some were recaptured; many died before they could be corralled.

The former owners said the loss played a part in the eventual closure of their business.

Elshere said restitution was part of the federal case. “Whether or not they’ve seen any of that money, I don’t know,” she said.

The sentencing judge ordered $254,840 in restitution. Young also was given one year of supervised release and 360 hours of community service.

Read that here.

Over $250,000 in damage expenses. A farmer’s livelihood ruined.  But for these eco-terrorists – the human costs be damned.

They just don’t care who suffers for their cause, as long as they can make an example.

And it’s coming to a South Dakota farm near you.

Watch for part 2 of this story series, where we will be taking a closer look at the human cost.

13 Replies to “Animal Rights Terrorists targeting South Dakota farms & businesses (Part 1)”

  1. Anonymous

    Could the legislature pass a stiff stiff penalty for anyone involved in this kind of activities? Like 30 years in prison for the terrorist activities or organizing this kind of property destruction?

  2. grudznick

    Fur is no more bloody than making steaks. Less so, in fact. I, for one, intend to keep eating steaks and wearing hats.

  3. Troy Jones


    Eat blood brats for supper, wearing leather shoes and coat and getting ready to go hunting. Life is good here.

  4. Julie Gross (NE)

    I’m sure the Southern Poverty Rights Center wil be all over these hate groups/terrorists.

  5. Julie Gross (NE)

    “After something of a hiatus, the animal rights movement has resumed a decades-old guerrilla war against the fur industry with a vengeance — and hints of more to come.”

    Gosh, what happened int the past 5 years that allowed these creeps to creep back into wanton criminal activites?


    Hope & change means a lot of things to a lot of criminals.

  6. Old Guard

    Extremists are all around us. Remember the outrage in here after the family planning clinics were bombed? We all have to be diligent against all forms of terrorism.

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Old Guard, when did that happen? I suspect that was long before this web site even started.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    HB 1812

    41-1-5.1 has been amended with the addition of chapter’s :
    (5) Nothing in this section or any other provision of law prevents any person from taking any action necessary to protect the personal safety of their livestock or exotic animals in immediate danger of harm from a person or persons engaged in animal terrorism.
    (6) Any organization, individual, or group fostering illegal activity found guilty of animal terrorism may be held liable for 100 times the value of any animal damaged in any way by intentional use of force against said animals.

    IE–maybe putting some sharp defensive teeth in legislation before these nut bag organizations start up their Anti-South Dakota Animal campaign might stop the carnage before it happens.

  8. B.L. Cozad Jr

    The questions that need answering by our government officials that are supporting Wayne Pacelle can be summed up by discussing Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS’s attacks on America’s gamecock farmers and America’s multi-billion dollar cockfighting industry.

    The fundamental questions that must be ask and answered by our government officials involving the case of the unconstitutional laws criminalizing the gamecock harvest industry are actually very simple – when did the government place animals, fish and in this case chickens above human lives?

    The enforcement of every law and every raid and arrest by law enforcement officers carries an inherent risk that the officers may hurt, maim, cripple and even kill a person even when using legal and proper use of force.

    Do our government officials truly think that the majority of voters have the authority to send law enforcement officers out to make raids, rip families apart, deprive the gamecock farmers of their liberty and property and create situations where government agents may hurt, cripple and even kill gamecock farmers living in the land of the free “America” using the excuse that the government’s duty is to defend chickens from the farmers that own the chickens simply because the majority and some of our government officials don’t like the 3,000 year old method of harvest of gamecocks?

    If that is so then you are empowering our government to subjugate rural Americans that carry the same moral values of George Washington and our founding fathers. After all our founding fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and John Hancock were gamecock farmers and they harvested their gamecocks by the same method of harvest that the gamecock farmers in Texas and across America today harvest ours.

    Can the opinion of animal rights organizations and government officials be used to subjugate the gamecock farmers in the home of the brave “America” and deny our farmers the God given constitutionally protected right to own, possess and harvest their livestock to earn a living and provide for their families?

    All of these laws are tied directly to the UN Agenda 21 plan. Maurice Strong is the co-founder of UN Agenda 21 and senior board member and advisor of the animal rights advocates of the Humane Society of the united States (HSUS). Strong has stated that his goal is to use the United Nations to cause the collapse of the industrialized nations and America is at the top of his list. Strong advocates using Non-Government Organizations like the HSUS to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in every country worldwide.

    The umbrella organization of the HSUS is the Humane Society international (HSI), which is one of 983 Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) created to push the policies and ideology of UN Agenda 21. The HSUS’s role is to demonize and vilify America’s farmers and ranchers and institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in America. The duty of the HSUS in the UN Agenda 21 plan is to attack our animal agriculture industries, drive up the cost of animal production, criminalize our animal agriculture industries when and where possible as they work to achieve Maurice Strong’s stated goal (summarized here) “to cause the collapse of America”.

    The foundational ideology of UN Agenda 21 is to move nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives and that is exactly what the government officials in every state across America are supporting through apathy is they stand by allowing the unconstitutional law criminalizing the harvest of gamecocks to be used to subjugate the gamecock famers.

    Our founders Patrick Henry once stated “give me liberty or give me death” and so to must the gamecock farmers of today fight for our God given constitutionally protected rights. Our founders used the only tools they had to fight the tyranny of their government – by force of arms, but once they had won their freedom they created and gave us a system of government to allow us to fight the tyranny of government without resorting to guns.

    Americans gamecock farmers must be as game and the gamecocks they breed and raise to stand and fight for our God given rights and stop the attempt to destroy our Constitution and America by the UN Agenda 21 advocates.