Ann Tornberg and her Jay Williams Project: Not Ready for prime time.

If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m hearing from my spies that Ann Tornberg is carrying petitions for Jay Williams, which continues the confirmation I’m hearing about him being the Democrat candidate against Thune.

Which bring to mind the prep work that Democrats have done as they move forward. Or more specifically, the prep work they’ve failed to do in their desperation to come up with a warm body.

About two years ago.. actually two years ago in March, I came across a candidate who was doing some staggeringly stupid things with social media, and did a post on why it’s important to police your social media:

silvis1 silvis3silvis2The really bad thing (aside from what was written) was that Silvis should have not been unaware of what goes on in elections, with her mom being the Codington County Democratic Chairman at the time. I pointed out that before she decided to run for office, you would think that she probably would have cleaned it up a bit.

I mean, it’s her facebook, but open to the world it becomes an open door for opposition research, and at the least, could have provided some very embarrassing things to have to respond to in public forums.

Fast forward two years, and I hate to say, but here we go again!


Two years later, and someone who has been eyeing a candidacy for a major statewide office for several months, and not only is his social media wide open, it’s got several pictures that he probably would not care to see in a television commercial.

“You guys look sh*t-faced in these photos!!!”

Er, yeah… Thanks, buddy.  Sorry, but most South Dakotans would consider that a distraction from why we should consider Williams a serious candidate for the highest federal office in South Dakota.  And, just like the Watertown candidate from two years ago, it’s not like Mr. Williams shouldn’t know better – He’s ran for the South Dakota legislature twice, and he’s also been the Yankton County Democrat Chairman for a number of years.

And worse yet – Where was Ann Tornberg, the Democrat State Chairperson on all of this?  Is she some inert block of wood that is trotted out to be quoted for the media from time to time? Or does she actually have some skill in politics?  Because it sure looks like Tornberg neglected to do a simple social media vetting of their US Senate candidate before settling on him.

Unless, Democrats are that inept, or that desperate for anyone with a pulse to take on this improbable task?

Note to those considering running for office: if you have pictures of yourself on social media sites where even your own friends comment on your status in an unflattering manner, you might want to go ahead and pull those photos down. It’s your darn page, you get to control what you put out there for the world to see.

That’s just some free advice. You now live in a fishbowl. Police your social media.  Change your privacy settings. Take down things you don’t want to see on TV or the blogs.  It’s politics 102 after 101’s filling out your petition – don’t do stupid stuff.

Otherwise, one thing is clear. If this is what the Democrats have to offer up for US Senate, Jay Williams is not ready for prime time.

And Ann Tornberg may want to avoid termites.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m all for folks having fun, but it seems that drinking is a theme to this guy’s life.

    It’s one thing to enjoy good time, it’s quite another for a 40-50-60 yr old to post photos of it for all to see …for posterity

    It is also obvious that those who describe this guy as a “friend” or “fun loving” need to get in his ear about his behavior and especially posting photos of these events. Such defenders/friends may want to re-assess their skills at evaluating another’s character.

  2. Anonymous

    “Jay Williams is a smart guy, good person with a fun-loving personality.”

    The author of that statement should get in Jay’s ear for some words of caution & correction.

    A “smart guy” would not subject himself or his family to the ridicule of a public campaign for US senate. A selfish one would do, but not a “smart guy”.

    Being a real friend means offering tough but loving words of correction now & then.

      1. crossgrain

        LOL – Indeed. “Bacteria” is not a word Mr. Franklin would have used. I’m reasonably certain Mr. Franklin wasn’t fully aware of what was in the water that’d make a fellow ill. Still, I like Franklin misquotes, and this is always a good one.

        I’ll make up for it by correcting another Franklin misquote about beer and God:
        “Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

  3. grudznick

    How hard with Mr. Thune try during this election and will we have to read more than the usual number of press releases?


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