Ann Tornburg departs Dems, and leaves @SoDakDems with nearly $47k in unpaid bills, according to FEC Report

According to the South Dakota Democrat Party’s latest FEC Report, as outgoing chairwoman Ann Tornberg hands the reins over to incoming chairwoman Paula Hawks, South Dakota Democrats’ finances are in some dire straits as they post debts and obligations of $46,863.72 against $16,624.38 cash on hand:

April 2019 FEC Report SDDP by Pat Powers on Scribd

The Democrat Party started with $22,742.60, to which they added $26,509.17 in receipts. However they continued their trend of spending more than they took in, disbursing $32,627.39 in expenses, leaving them with only $16,624,38 Cash on Hand.

But the most shocking line item comes under the Debts and Obligations Owed by the Committee, noting Democrats have a debt load of $46,863.72 – a shocking $30,239 of deficit spending by the State Democrat Party.

Who do Democrats currently have unpaid bills for?

The Sutton Group of Silver Springs Maryland has an outstanding bill of $11,983 with the party. According to past records with Hillary for America, they do event production, possibly some computer work as well.

Their annual diner still has them owing the Sioux Falls Convention Center $5845. They owe DC Law Firm Sandler, Reiff, Young & Lamb, PC $2400. Qualified Presort of Sioux Falls is also waiting for a bill of $1342.82 to be paid by the Democrats.

Panther Graphics is holding out for over $7200 to be paid, Mailway Printers is stuck waiting for $4545.10, Their payroll/bookeepers at Limestone, Inc are patiently waiting for $1622, and Laura Platt Promotions is likely hoping South Dakota Democrats will hurry up and pay the $10,523 bill they owe her for consulting/printing.

South Dakota Democrats have traditionally held most of their kitty in their federal account, so to see it drained to what is normally less than one month’s operating costs and to have such a massive pile of debt is not a good thing for the party as a new chair walks in the door.

In fact, it puts hard pressure on new chair Paula Hawks to make sure they can keep the lights on, and that the Democrat party doesn’t utterly collapse as a result of the old party administration under Ann Tornberg racking up expenses as she walked out the door and handed over the keys.

8 Replies to “Ann Tornburg departs Dems, and leaves @SoDakDems with nearly $47k in unpaid bills, according to FEC Report”

  1. Mark Peterson

    Why would the City of Sioux Falls allow such a group credit. $5845 to the Convention Center. That is not a good precedent. As a past treasurer for a large local non profit they never allowed us to run up such bills.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    That’s my thought as well. Most political groups have vendors demanding cash up front.

  3. Charles Kuralt

    Ann Tornburg is a friend of MMM (My Man Mike)? 🙂
    Spend now, pay later … if ever.

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