• ZZZzzzzzzz…….

    Who cares? When are you going to write about her connection to Hildy? You completely missed it when you posted on it earlier.


    • Good point- I would like to know what her association is with Obama’s deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand. Why did she go to Washington DC with him?

  • Still curious if she will even make the ballot.

  • Curious why you didn’t out her for the sign being blatantly illegal? Madville times is all over it and that you helped pass the law.

    • I don’t think its posted there. It looked like it was just leaned up against the power box for a photo.

    • If it actually IS installed there, I suspect she’ll get a call from the highway dept.

      • Look closely, it is strapped to two posts, and someone reports that it was still there this morning at 9:30 over on Madville.

        No criticism of the flip-flopping on the campaign logo like you had for Rhoden?

        Bad sign (pun intended) when the first sign they put up is illegal and in the public right of way.

        • I don’t agree that it’s a bad sign. Rather, it’s a sign she is a new campaigner and has a lot to learn.

          • She violated the law, not the least of what it says about her mindset of putting a sign in the Public right of way.

            I realize you people want to keep Community loving Boz in the race to bleed votes away from Nelson, but come on.. it’s a bad sign in anyway you want to judge it.

            • Lora the Explorer

              It’s a sign. Get over it. Signs go up in wrong places every election and then they are taken down. It’s not a big deal.

        • Good gosh. Unlike Heidelberger, some of us work for a living.

  • Why put up all these signs right before winter, the elements will probably get the best of em.

    • Because they are a huge asset in a rural election where candidates need to gain name ID competing with an entrenched career politician like Rounds.

  • Daschle red! I wonder if Hildebrand is advising her. They are apparently pretty good friends and have worked together in the past.

  • It is a class 2 misdemeanor for her violating the law, so will Jackley go after her for such a brazen violation of the law? Madville is all over this: http://madvilletimes.com/2013/10/bosworth-breaks-state-law-with-campaign-sign-on-highway/

  • If she put out 5 signs I wouldn’t mind but to put out signs all over the state like Stace is silliness at this stage of the game. Most of them won’t survive the winter.

    • Nelson won 3 elections in two different large rural districts. He is ahead of Rhoden and Bosworth in the polls, and moving up on Rounds.

      Yep, pure madness that Nelson is getting car magnets and road signs all over SD.

      • Truth be told, his signs are illegal also. No Paid For… and box. Not the ones I’ve seen pictures of anyway.

        • Lora the Explorer

          Stace is so busy interpreting the GOP Platform that he doesn’t have time to read and follow actual laws.

          • Such vile ugliness. Shame on you! The signs are homemade. I stopped and looked close at one in Mitchell, they have hand scrawled box and notice on them. Really telling to see such unbridled nastiness from you people.

  • Leading in the sign war is Nelson followed by Rounds, Bosworth, and Rhoden.

    • I hope Rounds and Rhoden don’t put up any signs until the spring. All of these signs just tick me off. We are 8 months away and far too early for politics to be so in my face.

  • Draft Socialist Susan for Senate!

    Like Dr Boz my Socialist Susan Wismer signs would be a communist red to!!

  • It is quite sad a candidate not only has to buy likes on face book but also has no clue on giving her people direction on how to handle themselves on something as simple as a sign! Honestly Annette? No friends, and now you use the right of way? What a half cocked attempt. What would you do with your staff in D.C. if you won? Have them eyeball things and call it good? You proved to me you don’t have a clue at home and for sure you will have none in D.C.

  • Ouch, but good point. Never looked at it like that this early…