Former US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth now hawking diet program.

Coming off of the heels of her book, apparently former Republican US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth is now in the business of trying to hawk a diet program, according to website

No registration information on the website is available publicly, although the phone number appears to be a Minnesota phone number.

And I suspect that this is the first time a former South Dakota US Senate Candidate has used the hashtag #PeeAKetone.

7 Replies to “Former US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth now hawking diet program.”

    1. KM

      Do you know what you’re doing? Are you lost?

      What does that even mean, “hawking Islam stuff”? Some might consider you a racist with that statement or off topic?

        1. KM

          Yes, I’ve made that clear in all my prior posts about Islam, Muslims and refugee resettlement. Did you noticed I tried to let 7:01 in on that… “Some might consider you a racist” was implying they haven’t a clue.


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