Annette Bosworth on her DC trip, and on why Steve Hildebrand has a beef with her.

bosworthI checked in with US Senate Candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth regarding a couple of topics recently, most notably her current trip to Washington DC, where she’s been meeting with various groups, including Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform.

Bosworth tells me that regarding the the meetings, “they are underway … Going well!”

On another topic, if you remember my post from a week ago on Obama Consultant Steve Hildebrand, where he had some unkind words for Dr. Bosworth:

Apparently South Dakota based political consultant Steve Hildebrand, who helped to put Obama in the White House, used to like Annette Bosworth….  but no longer does after her gun & bible video.

From Facebook:


I had asked Annette why Hildebrand was on the attack against her and her husband for her support of the 2nd amendment. Her reply?

bozrespondsAnd now you have the other side of the coin.

Good Luck to Dr. Bosworth in her travels, as the campaign trail keeps rolling on.

31 Replies to “Annette Bosworth on her DC trip, and on why Steve Hildebrand has a beef with her.”

  1. Anon

    You should ask her what happened to all that raffle money and why she didn’t give away the land.

    Interesting that every one of her posts right now invoke the word ‘pray’ or ‘prayer’. Must be her new strategy to try to raise money. She is such a fraud.

    1. Anonymous

      Nelson is doing that too. Praying for you and God Bless. Went back to some old posts and saw they weren’t so prevalant way back when…

      1. Anonymous

        You didn’t read that anywhere….because it was never written.

        please post the link…if your memory serves correct…which it won’t.

        1. Anonymous

          Actually, I read it on here under Mr. Powers original posting about it. But Annette, Chad, please tell us what they had Mr Hildebrandt lobbying Obama for them? Were they paying him to oppose Obamacare?

          1. sdsen_2014 Post author

            I don’t think that’s correct. That’s not a statement I recall making or relating.

  2. Anon

    Team Bosworth has been telling people Stace is inelectable, but it looks like she is the one who is unelectable.

    1. Anonymous

      Nelson may very well be the only one that is electable out of the GOP crowd. Rounds’ scandals, Rhoden’s Democratic record, Bosworth’s fraud & love of Communism?

      1. Anon

        If Nelson were to get out of the way, she could aggregate those votes and plow ahead. He can’t win anyway.

        1. Anonymous

          What a joke! All the Democrats have to do is send a postcard of her saying that Cuban Communist Che Guevvera is her beacon and no Republican in their right mind will vote for her. When the rest of the state gets wind of her scams, fraud issues, and medical board run-ins?

          1. Anonymous

            What a joke! All the Democrats have to do is send a postcard of Stace saying that he’s unstable and had to have a restraining order against him and no Republican in their right mind will vote for him.

            What happens when the rest of the state gets wind of his involvement with the robo calls, and run-ins with Republican leadership?

            1. Anonymous

              I think you mean the former sheriff who had a drug problem who was thrown out of office? Bring the same tired worn out lies, the more you RINOS bellow? The better he does in the polls!

              Rounds scandal overshadows everything, even a $250 robocall fine!

            2. Rubber room

              I don’t think it is wise for the Haber/Bosworth people to be calling anyone “unstable” especially with the med board’s mental health requirements of Annette…

            3. Anonymous

              And getting thrown out of caucus and so on and so forth. They’ll just have to listen to him a few times.

  3. Anonymous

    Hildebrand is a big time liberal socialist and Christian-hater. If he doesn’t like someone that’s a big plus for that someone in my book.

    1. Anonymous

      Clearly he liked Chad and Annette before, and there is the story that needs to be told. What were they collaborating on?

  4. Anon

    Annette, if you were paying him to consult, then no longer paid him, he was probably going to then stop consulting for you.

  5. Chet

    I find it hilarious that two or three people on this blog dedicate their lives to going after Dr. Bosworth. There is only one person who can defeat Gov. Rounds and that is Dr. Bosworth. Anyone who has been to the traveling roadshow that is Nelson v. Rhoden knows that she is the only viable alternative. Nelson has literally spent every moment of his campaign complaining about Rhoden and saying very little about anything else. Rhoden is a good guy, but a clone of Rounds. Bosworth has actually done something outside of government, unlike the others. She has been cleared by her professional board and continues to practice medicine. She must be just fine. Why don’t you go after her on issues? I know, because she is a rock solid conservative with real world experience.

    1. anonymous

      now that is just funny. She’s a mess… foreclosures, Medical Board issues — read the report, land raffle schemes, Che as her beacon. Maybe she should just withdraw so Stace has a clear shot.

    2. Ymous

      Come on Chet. That is just not true on the rock solid conservative. There is a lot more to the Steve H connection if someone wants to dig and report. I’m just not getting into it but I will say, I won’t vote for her in the primary. Ask people that have worked with her or have had business dealings with them. Just my opinion but you need to dig more. Just saying.

  6. Jeff P.

    Where is Mrs Bosworth by the way ? She seems to be AWOL in South Dakota and spending most her money outside South Dakota . I guess she figures if she can pull the wool over the rest of the country , South Dakota will follow ? You see signs for Stace all the way across this state and support for him is growing everyday . He’s the first on the ballot and you call him un-electable ? We got people lining up to volunteer for Stace and there is no denying that !