Annette Bosworth’s family is back in the news. And notice who gets the money.

Like a raging case of bedbugs you can’t eradicate, no matter how many chemicals the exterminator ladles on, the Annette Bosworth family is back in the news (God help us).  This time, it’s because one of their kids made an anti-Hillary Clinton app, and they went to Rush Limbaugh to get attention.

RUSH:  Why did your teacher say socialism and communism were the best?

CALLER:  He was my social studies teacher, and I honestly don’t know.  I have him next year, and what I want to say to him next year… Because over the summer, because of this, I built an app.  It’s a Hillary Clinton app where you tap her face and every time you tap, it’s like a whack-a-mole game where she pops out of the White House.  Every time you tap her face, she says one of her silly quotes.  It’s called “Never Hillary Clinton.”

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: So, what I want to do is show my teacher that anybody of any age can use the free market, by bringing back a successful app at the end of summer.

RUSH:  How old are you, Walker?  Thirteen?

CALLER:  Yeah.


RUSH:  Hey, folks, we found Walker’s app.  We found it on the App Store.  It’s called “Never Hillary Clinton” by Chad Haber.  His last name is Haber, Walker Haber.  I’ve sent the link.  Thanks to Seton Motley for finding the app here.  We’ve sent the link up to Koko at  This will save you for having to search for it.  There’s a lot of these kinds of apps.  In fact, we found a Never Hillary app that has an accompanying app, Never Trump.  We knew that wasn’t it.  We’ve found Walker’s app.

It’s 99 cents, which is nothing.  It’s not a big deal.  He’s 13 years old.  He was very proud of it.  He started to hype it before he ran out of time, and so we’ve got the link.  It will be up at  You’ll be able to search for it that way.  If you want to search for it at the app store without waiting for the link it’s “Never Hillary Clinton” by Chad Haber.  That’s how it’s listed, and then the description of the app says, “My name is Walker Haber.” It’s a family project.  But it’s his app.  It’s Walker’s.

Read that here.

The link to the app is available on the Rush Limbaugh radio page, which leads you to the app screen:


“Ever since my mom ran for Senate, I realized that everyone loves to pick on the candidate.”  

Er, yeah.  I think that’s a little bit revisionist. If anyone actually learned something in that ordeal, it should probably say After my mom ran for Senate, I learned that you have to pay your bills, not purchase fake facebook likes, and actually witness the signatures that you swear an oath that you witnessed, otherwise, you might find that you’ve committed a felony.  

But that would mean that people actually learned something from the Bosworth campaign.

The thing that caught my attention is that Chad Haber’s name is the one on the app uploaded by his child, which I would assume is required because they can’t take an app from a minor.  By virtue of that fact, I can’t help but notice that Chad would be the one who would reap the profits from such a venture.

Since his wife’s political bid failed, and her clinic has been shut down, maybe this means he finally has gainful employment once again.

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