Annette Bosworth’s US Senate fundraising? $190k reportedly “in the ballpark”

With Mike Rounds noting that he posted around $516,000 in donations, and Stace Nelson downplaying expectations, claiming that “We did a little bit better than last quarter,” in reference to last quarter’s $43,500, two candidates, Rhoden & Bosworth have largely remained mum.

The 5th man in the race, Jason Ravnsborg has only been in the hunt for a few weeks, and would not be expected to post much in fundraising for the quarter, making next quarter the time when he has to shine.

In reference to those who are reporting for their first full quarters, I’d been told by the campaign that Bosworth would be posting some respectable dollars, and heard some rumblings here and there.

bosworthToday, in speaking with Pat Davis with the Bosworth campaign, he confirmed that Bosworth will be reporting something “in the ballpark” of $190,000 for funds raised for the quarter.

While it’s less than 1/2 of what Rounds raised, and we don’t know her cost-basis for raising those funds, it’s a respectable number. And raises her profile among the field considerably as a contender for the office.

11 Replies to “Annette Bosworth’s US Senate fundraising? $190k reportedly “in the ballpark””

  1. Annie get your gun!

    Wow, I wonder how much the other campaigns have raised and how much cash on hand they will have?

  2. Exodus

    I think she is a odd and not a great candidate (her videos and actions really hurt her campaign) but meeting her in person she is really good in front of a crowd and good at a one on one visits. She can be really odd at times and it turns people off but at the end of this campaign she will come in a head of Stace Nelson. Being cheery is a better tactic than being angry.

    Rounds 65%
    Rhoden 15%
    Bosworth 11%
    Nelson 7%
    Ravnsborg 2%

    1. Anonymous

      Attractive young Dr. with a nice personality or a neanderthal who yells “hell no” and calls his opponents RINO’s.

      Stace is done. Bosworth has the edge.

  3. Anonymous

    My mom received letters at all of her addresses for fund raising for Boz. That can be very expensive so will be interesting to see the expenses.

    Agree with someone above. on paper, looks great and doesn’t hurt being a doctor but it’s very deceiving unfortunately.

  4. Anon

    They lied about their numbers last time. I wonder what the game is this time. Ask yourself this DWC readers — do you know anyone who’s written her a check? Maybe she gets some Christine O’Donnell donors to send her a few bucks, but beyond that, do you know anyone personally who has donated to her?

  5. Anonymous

    Ask yourself this DWC readers:

    In a bad economy does anyone just part with their money on a first time candidate and then report out 190k+ cash on hand in the worst fundraising quarter in politics?

  6. Anonymous

    Who in their right mind would give money to this lady? I’ll believe when I see it. We need proven leaders not pretty faces. She has the schwing factor going for her and that’s it. Her husband needs to get a job, she needs to pay her former employees, her own rent and those she owes from the land raffle scheme or face a fraud charge. Until they can manage their own affairs they have no business trying to fix the bigger problems in Government .

  7. Me

    She’s nothing but a joke. Seriously, did you see the campaign finance records on her? She’s B-R-O-K-E…..the $$$ she is going to say she has will be nothing compared to the debt she owes…even if she got $190,000 this quarter she still owes the company who made her ONE campaign video more than that…so, sadly, as usual, the Bosworth-Haber joke still can’t pay their bills..don’t let the numbers fool you…the debt to income ratio is still wayyyyy off!