Anonymous person polling “perspective” Republican Legislators on Leadership Elections

Apparently, someone doesn’t want their identity known, or can’t pick up the phone.


An anonymous “Survey Monkey” poll was sent out tonight to legislators and candidates to ask where the “perspective (sic) Republican Legislators” stand on issues and where they are in leadership elections.

Once you get into the content, there’s an immediate obsession with registration history and report cards, asking them if they’ve read the party platform, and demanding information on their compliance. (That’s if you get past all the mistakes in the survey, and thinly veiled attacks on current Republican leadership.)




The survey ends with an odd and out of place call for disunity, asking legislators if they should establish a caucus within the caucus, if their favored conservatives are not elected to lead the Republican Caucus. (a.k.a., the take-our-toys-and-go-home strategy.)

It’s almost as if the author of the survey is attempting to have it serve as a proclamation that someone is looking to stir stuff up, and if you aren’t meeting someone’s narrow definition of scorecard Republicanism, then you’re not worthy.

Anyone who responds to it likely risks approaching the level of foolishness of the people who sent it. Because they’ll have all your answers, and you’ll have none of theirs.

Those who aren’t running, what do you think about the survey?  And what do you think about someone with a hankering to starting up all the intra-caucus nonsense again? Do we really need to replace a deliberative process with name calling?

If there’s any lesson that’s been proven time and time again when nonsense such as anonymous attacks against leadership sprouted up before, it’s that it’s a silly distraction. Those in GOP Leadership are in the leadership position because they were elected by their peers.

And I suspect they’ll have less tolerance for it than they did before.

14 Replies to “Anonymous person polling “perspective” Republican Legislators on Leadership Elections”

    1. Anonymous

      He forgot to put Mike Stevens in as Speaker Pro Tem

      My votes would be for:

      Greenfield: President (he needs to make it clear to conservatives that Peters and Soholt are gone as committee chairs if they vote for him. He has to be about change in order to get the votes.)
      Curd: Majority
      White: Assistant

      I’m soft on Mickelson – Lust might be the better option
      Haggar or Stevens work for me for Pro Temp
      Lust or Qualm for Majority Leader (I like both of them and might be inclined to go with Qualm just to stick it to Dusty J, Tony V and Daugaard for their constant support of Common Core and big tax increases)
      Rhoden for Assistant

  1. Anonymous

    More than likely Bob Ellis.

    Seems like Pat is just jealous that he didn’t think about it.

      1. Anonymous

        How is Republicans pulling potential Republican legislators, silly?

        This is a good time to do it, because after the election they don’t need activists help.

        There’s a lot of us Republicans that are fed up. I for one would like to see the results and who don’t answer. Any idea how we can get access to it?

        1. Fled2Red

          …Republicans pulling potential Republican legislators…

          Is that like a sexual version of “you wash my back, I’ll wash yours”?

  2. Troy Jones

    I would answer and send it back signed “anonymous” just like the person who sent the survey.

    Somebody is a real coward.

  3. Troy Jones

    Oops, I see they would know it was me when I respond as it is ekectronic.

    I would respond with no answers.

  4. Rep. Mike Verchio

    An educated guess from past observations is that Lance Russell , at the very least , plays a part in this .

  5. Misty

    I love that question #3 asks if the respondent believes voters “have a right to know who you are,” yet the person who wrote this survey and sent it out does not disclose who they are. LOL!

  6. grudznick

    Hilarious stuff. Young Ms. Hubbel has technology skills and probably helped some of the usual suspects, all of whose names are mentioned in the “survey” save one, with the difficulties in creating a website like that. The grammar is telling as well.