Another anti-Krebs mailing hitting across South Dakota. This time on her votes for tax increases.

Friends are sending me pictures of the latest offering in the mailbox that they’ve received against Shantel Krebs from the same group who opposed her before:

12 more days!

16 Replies to “Another anti-Krebs mailing hitting across South Dakota. This time on her votes for tax increases.”

  1. Anonymous

    Is it too late for Shantel to use the same strategy as Lance Russell and run for several offices at the same time to secure at least one? The one for Congress is not going well for her. She is getting attacked from all over and is in a tough spot.

  2. Anonymous

    Dusty and his slitherin minions are going negative again. So much for a clean race. We will see if Shantel is a counter puncher!

    1. Kevin W Nelson

      I know Dusty Johnson and this mailer is not in his character. If one of his
      “slithering minions” produced such a thing; they would be severely reprimanded.

      1. Anonymous

        On Facebook Dusty said, “I’m not involved with the mailers. It’s against the law for candidates to coordinate with outside groups. I don’t approve of their tone. I also don’t like the incredibly anti-Dusty phone calls that have gone out across the state.”

        It would be nice if out of staters stayed out of these races.

      2. Anonymous

        If you search Citizens for a Strong America, he is tied to the AFP and the Koch brothers who are supporting Dusty. Not sure Dusty would reprimand the Koch brothers. Although I would like to see the full Dusty reprimand.

      3. KM

        Yes, I would agree, Kevin, it’s not in his character. He is an optimist, he always has a smile. That’s not really what many of us are looking to have in WH representing us. I don’t want a push-over. I want someone who will stand and fight for Faith, Family, Freedom and Free enterprise.

      1. Anonymous

        I received the same mailing and it is paid for by Citizens for a Strong America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

  3. SD Conservative

    Just looking at all 3 it seems that Tapio is the one you should vote for if you are a conservative. Krebs is in favor of ending the electoral college and Dusty is an establishment follower. I don’t see many negatives to Tapio. I think that Congress is going to get more Tapio like members this election. If the candidate would not vote with the Freedom Caucus than they really don’t represent SD voters.

    1. Anonymous

      How on God’s green earth is Neal Tapio a Conservative? It boggles my mind to think that anyone could even justify labeling him a conservatives- he sure as hell isnt a Republican- and does not represent Republican ideals.

      1. Anonymous

        Neal Tapio is more of a Hubbel Constitutional Party type and he should of run in the general as one.

  4. Anonymous

    This is dirty. Dusty Johnson should be ashamed he had to resort to such tactics. South Dakotan’s don’t like this stuff.

  5. GOP

    Dusty had nothing to do with this. These are from some national group that appears not to like Shantel. They probably help Tapio as much as Dusty.

  6. SD Conservative

    Well Tapio is the toughest on immigration. Tapio has not gone along with all the corruption in this state. Tapio is in favor of cutting taxes. These are all conservative policies. They are not establishment republican policies but they are conservative. I wish every republican would read what the South Dakota Republican platform is on their own web page. If you read that Neal Tapio by far is stronger than any other candidate. I know it’s propaganda to establishment Republicans but it’s there in black and white. The voters are not interested in status quo if the Trump election and mass retiring of establishment republicans don’t show you Tapio is what is needed in this country I don’t know. Even in our state legislature there seems to only be a handful of conservatives when it comes to less taxes, illegal aliens, and gun rights. Those 3 alone are a given that every vote should be to cut taxes and have smaller government, every vote should be to eliminate illegal aliens and slow refugee settlement unless employers want to guarantee all hidden costs of employing, every vote should be to allow more freedom to gun owners instead of just adding taxes to people’s comstitutional rights. Show me on any of these who is the most conservative.