Another Business Shut Down.

I run across at least one of these once every summer…

Police in Georgia have shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls trying to save up for a trip to a water park, saying they didn’t have a business license or the required permits.

Read it here.

This is not an isolated incident. The Freedom Center of Missouri has a partial list of local official enforcement taken against child-run businesses.

What are we seeing here? Are the police enforcing the law evenly? Simply some unintended consequences of various laws passed designed to protect the public? After all, we have no idea how that lemonade was made, or with what.

What of the kids who was trying to earn enough money to go to a water park? What are we teaching them; Not to get into business because you will be taxed out of business?  Go get a real job, doing yard work?

I surely hope the reasons behind obtaining the various permits were explained to these young entrepreneurs. I hope they try again, legally, if for no other reason, hot days are coming to Georgia and a trip to the a water park would defiantly be worth all the hassle they have to go through.

Susie’s lemonade

Just don’t let it get out of control.

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  1. 73*

    ?The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.? Abraham Lincoln

    (I agree stopping children from having a lemonade stand is wrong)

  2. yoyoyoyoyo

    fair is fair…think they would let an adult get by with that? What if you had the lemonade stand across the street, had paid for your taxes, licenses, installed the required 3 compartment sink plus hand washing sink, special mobile stand license permit, paid your montly state sales tax, filed monthly fica/med/ss taxes, quarterly unemployment and annual income, then some kids go right across the street and undercut your biz cause they have no overhead you think you would be allright with that?

    If an 11 year old created the next google would we let them slide on any and all regulation and taxes cause they are only eleven? If someone gets sick from the lemondade the kids decided would taste better with some ground up bugs, whose liable?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, adults do get away with it. I have seen hamberger/hotdog stands outside of many of the groecery stores around. They do operate I suspect, under the license of the store’s indoor eatery. However they don’t have the 3-section sink, or even a sink, or even running running water in thes little outside stands. So you see, the rules are bent even for adults.

      1. yoyoyoyoyo

        actually i dont think they need the sinks…different license for portable food vendor. like that guy in rapid who has licenses for 12 spots or something like that.

        sure you do need biz and food licenses and have to pay all them beautiful taxes tho

        1. Anonymous

          You do need the triple sinks and a hand washing sink. At least they were required by the state when I was in the food business and I don’t think it has changed.

          Every business has to pay taxes, but these little kids don’t hire anyone, don’t lay anyone off and quite frankly don’t make much at it, therefore it would be rediculous to have the get a sales tax license. It would cost more for the state or city to do the paperwork than what they would get in tax revenues.

  3. springer

    Ridiculous. If I see a kid’s lemonade stand, I make it a point to stop and buy one. In fact, once some enterprising kids were selling water, and it wasn’t even cold. But it was enterprising and they got my quarter plus a tip. Grown-ups need to grow up about this and start worrying about the truly important issues.

    1. Anonymous

      I do too. It just gives them a little incentive for their inititive. They learn that their work can pay off.


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