Another candidate pops up for District 30 House – Travis Lasseter of New Underwood

travis lasseter

According to a facebook invite I received today, a third candidate has joined the race for Republican State House in District 30.

Air Force retiree Travis Lasseter, originally from Odessa, Texas, but now a farmer in New Underwood, SD, has put up a facebook page with a logo and theme around his running for District 30 House.

Lasseter would join Richard Mounce and Marilyn Oakes who are both planning on running in the race, triggering a primary for the seat. Given the composition of the district, the primary winners may find themselves elected by default, as District 30 doesn’t often run Democrats.

(I notice he’s also violating a cardinal rule in his logo. Never replace letters with difficult to read graphic element. It makes the whole thing hard to read).

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    1. CA Escapee

      For those of us who moved here recently and don’t know all the ‘players’ and acronyms, would you please explain “sdgo” and ‘cfl”?
      Thank you.

    1. Gideon Oakes

      It’s good to be skeptical, Liberty Dick, especially if you perhaps haven’t heard much about a candidate. Marilyn (fair disclosure, my mother) has something the other two candidates don’t: A 25+ year record of working to get fellow SD conservatives elected, and of working within the party to keep it from drifting to the left. She is unabashedly conservative, and if you’re in District 30, I definitely urge you to look into her candidacy.

      PP: I hope our stylized “MO” logo device won’t violate any design rules. 🙂 I’ll send you a pm for your review and critique.

      1. Anonymous

        Wasn’t she involved in deposing the Butte County GOP central committee after only Betty Olson and Sam Marty would sign a pledge to support the GOP Platform? Maybe too much of a RINO for District 30.

        1. Pat Powers

          Wow. Clearly you know nothing. Art & Marilyn were conservative before it was cool. Calling her a RINO just shows your ignorance, and lack of involvement in the party.

          1. Anonymous

            Your conservative affirmation these days is the akin to the conservative affirmation from the Argus.

        2. L Carrier

          I am no longer beyond this going to waste my time defending a Butte County GOP election for what it was. They say the future belongs to the forward thinking. Obviously the L’Anonymous crowd out there that keeps this Butte County fairy tale going without any coherent understanding of their own defeats or how crazy doesn’t translate well to the voter will continue as they see fit and repeat whatever myth moves them. However, in regards to Butte County and our election, Miss Oakes was invited as a last minute choice to assist in certifying an election. This was based solely upon her credentials and nothing more. She wasn’t there representing some “strong arm” of the state body and she did do a fabulous job being as neutral as possible in her duties. This doesn’t equate into siding with any one camp either as I respect Mr Lasseter, I respect Miss Oakes and I don’t even know who Richard Mounce is. I am simply clarifying a falsity that the “Oz” fantasy crowd often utilizes and I simply refuse to let a legitimate party election be a source of defamation. The GOP in Butte County has no opinion regarding District 30 however unless someone was directly involved in Butte County’s GOP election last January they should withhold their opinion for that which does not concern them as well.

        3. Gideon Oakes

          If by “central committee”, you mean a group of folks who declared themselves to be so without properly calling and advertising a meeting, and if by “deposed”, you mean dutifully representing the state party in insisting that the county party following the bylaws, then yes, she was involved.

          Half truths, name-calling and an Anonymous handle… now there’s a truly credible source for judging who makes the cut as a conservative. If it’s all the same, I’ll stick with the trusting the person with the longstanding record of sticking her neck out to help her fellow conservatives, not try to cut them down.

            1. Anonymous

              Heather Plunkett was the beneficiary of Marilyn’s efforts to depose the Butte County GOP after Mr. Rhonden, Brunner and Cammack could not stomach the notion of signing a pledge to adhere to the GOP Platform. We need a few more pledgers and a few less RINOs running the GOP. Sam Marty and Betty Olson signed the pledge. Good for them!

              1. L Carrier

                I said I would not longer argue with “crazy” and I stand behind my comments-it’s hard to argue with someone “anonymous” anyway as this denotes a cowardly sort, barely one step above a person that scribbles crude limericks on bathroom stalls. However I am compelled to comment because you can offend me, smack around my character or whatever your blonde-curled state of delusional bearing dictates, however I will not stand by and have the good Republicans of Butte County that worked hard to make a legitimate organization be dragged through the mud. If you ever wake up at night wondering why your sort loses elections all you need to do is examine the fact that after a year you’re still focused on a 2014 myth when most of the functioning world prepares to move into 2016. There are people-even here-that believe like you but this begs me to ask; what the hell good is it going to do at this point? First off (again) Marilynn was asked to come here to certify an election. Period! Second, she did her job certifying an election and that was all. I don’t even recall her staying long past her duties to even visit much. No heavy hand on part of the state body. No evil-in-the-dark deals being made. I am not even sure Napoleon or Hitler or Mao where there in some form to make your delusional mirage even more exciting. And now you bring Heather into this. I am not even sure if Heather knows Marilyn however (I said this in a different post) Heather sought her position, ran for it and was elected. You say we need some more signers. eh? Well I say we need some more pragmatic Republicans willing to plant their arses in reality and stop this continual slide into a delusional hopscotch. This pledge was my predecessor’s action and I will not question anything he did however I will also not have the current party weighed down by a ghost issue either. If the current central committee had decided on continuing any pledge or previous action or whatever it would still be an active issue. However the CC did not. These are good Butte County Republicans having made that decision and it is offensive to them to insist Miss Oakes somehow over-ruled the local influence they bear in their positions within the county party. Besides, this story is about District 30 isn’t it? Your tenuous connection to Butte County history in an attempt to slander a candidate we have no opinion on is getting weaker. Perhaps now would be a good time to roll out the chemtrail gibberish or Dealey Plaza jibberjab in an attempt to link a District 30 candidate however none of this has anything to do with Butte County.

              2. Gideon Oakes

                Well, that does it… With all due respect, I think PP nailed it when he said you either don’t know what you’re talking about or aren’t involved at all in party politics. I refer to you State Platform Plank 5.17: “The South Dakota Republican Party encourages those who run for public office in South Dakota as a Republican to familiarize themselves with, and pledge to support, the platform of the South Dakota Republican Party.”

                I’ll give you a guess as to who led the charge to get that plank adopted. Hint: If you guess “the Oakes family”, you’d be right. Yes, I had the honor of being the delegate who successfully introduced the plank in its current form (in 2012), but Marilyn had been trying for several years to get a similar plank passed, and the *real* RINOs in the party succeeded in shooting it down each time.


                1. Anonymous

                  Too bad she participated in deposing the Butte County GOP to put Plunkett in as Vice Chair. The road to RINO is a very slippery slope that is paved with good intentions.

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry a minor correction might be needed. Unless he went thru Officer Candidate School prior to retirement he is wearing stripes on his sleeve and his facebook page indicated he was a Master Sergeant which a senior non-commissioned officer. He had a great deal of responsibility. NCOs like to jokingly correct those who misidentify them as officers that they are enlisted and work for a living. 🙂

    Good for him to enter the race for district 30! Look forward to reading more about why he is running and what he hopes to achieve in Pierre.

  2. Anonymous

    Hopefully, District 30 can elect two conservatives to the House, instead of only having one conservative in House at this time.

  3. Travis Lasseter

    Pat Powers,

    Thank you for correcting the reference to my rank, Anonymous was right about NCO’s jokingly correcting those who misidentify officer and enlisted.

    And thank you for the graphic tip. Will get to work on that.