Another Day, another Marsy’s Law postcard.

The Marsy’s Law campaign continues to extensively send postcards out across the state, with the latest version being an endorsement from a former Federal Prosecutor, Paul Cassell, in favor of the victims rights measure, as well as answering some of the objections raised by the measure’s opponents.



4 Replies to “Another Day, another Marsy’s Law postcard.”

  1. Spencer

    FACT: I will be voting against this amendment/copy-and-paste California constitution (Marsy’s Law) because of all these postcards and endless outside money. How about identifying, specifically, where in South Dakota law we can help crime victims and address each issue individually with enforceable and meaningful laws? Here is an easy way to remember which measures to vote for and against: vote NO on all 10 measures. They are all varying degrees of needless and worthless changes to our state constitution.

  2. Anonymous

    Is anyone actually for this IN South Dakota. I see Mr. Jason Glodt is , but the state bar is against it, prosecutors, defense attorneys….

    Mr. Cassell appears to be from Utah. I looked Utah doesn’t have Marcy’s law.

    I will be voting NO on S.