Another electronic tirade…..

So we have a GOP lawmaker send an email to several people complaining about the behavior of Congresswoman and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Now, ironically — the GOP guy — Rep. Allen West called Wasserman Schultz’s behavior unprofessional.  I can’t say I’m a fan of DWS’s class warfare tirade on the U.S. House floor…but I’m even less a fan of venting spleen in emails….

West had to know his email would be made public — apparently he sent it to numerous people — and to me that makes his actions just as much of a stunt as her actions.  Although I’ll give him credit for not having to resort to profanity to express his frustration.

Will there be any lasting fall-out?  Not likely….but I have to believe people of all political stripes are really tired of this kind of nonsense from all politicians.

West’s office did not back off the criticism after the email was widely distributed. A spokeswoman said Wasserman Schultz had taken “another cowardly cheap shot at Congressman West.”

Right back at you Congressman West……

Throw another entry on the shouldn’t have pushed send pile.


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  1. springer

    I for one was glad that Rep. West responded like he did. DWS has said this and worse things lately and gets away with it. Glad that he had the backbone to stand up to her.

  2. caheidelberger

    Just what was the vile personal attack DWS made that warranted such an extreme response from West? She simply went on the public record saying what West voted for. West is overreacting with a smokescreen to keep voters from looking at the main issue: that he voted for a plan that raises Medicare costs for his constituents.

  3. Bill Fleming

    This will be the end of West. No excuse for it. Remember that guy who ran against Hillary Clinton and got all up in her face? …what was his name again?

  4. PNR

    It won’t be the end of West, but it isn’t a good thing. It’s not much different from some of the things Truman sent out during his career but it lessens the man.

    I think he will stay in the House, but it does end any presidential or senatorial ambitions.

  5. Electrifying South Dakota

    I don’t need to wax hyperbole this afternoon, and I time and again mention my membership in the G.O.P., but the free-flowing comments from my fellow luncheon attendees (republican doctors, attorneys, business women/men, farmers, etc.) was very eye opening. Indeed, this was not a small luncheon crowd, and as I worked the room from table to table the comments of disappointment with the party were incredible. These were people who had assisted in SD campaigns, had put up yard signs, had given donations, and now they wouldn’t even allow a sign to be placed in their burn pile. Gang, we are really going to need turn this around, and it isn’t all Obama’s fault.

  6. duggersd

    I am marking your words, Bill. I think you also had us mark your words that Hillary Clinton would be President. I cannot remember for sure whether you said SHS would defeat Kristi Noem, but it would not surprise me. So, in November of 2012, I will see just how well you know the people of Florida where West is a US Representative. Or, was that a comment about the color of his skin? Personally, I think his constituents will love what he did.

  7. Bill Fleming

    I called it for Obama, Duh, and I’m calling it for West. The women and seniors will chew him up and spit him out. He’s history.

  8. ymous

    Billy is always right! Right up until he admits he’s wrong. He knows Florida like I understand liberalism and Democrats. I don’t.

  9. Duh

    Bill, that wasn’t me. This is. You’ve been wrong much more than you’ve been right. You predicted SHS countless times. Obama, a goat could have picked that one given the crap the GOP put forth for a candidate.

    West will be a hero in is district which is all that matters. I repeat W-S is a nutcase and is lying about SS. SS is really no different than the overfunded pensions that states are trying to dump left and right. It is a bleeding organ. The cuts to balance it aren’t as catestrophic as the pinheads are claiming. $560 reduction per year starting in 2012 and a thousand in approximately 2022. The pinheads solution to spend, spend, spend, scare the shit out of anyone with grey hair, health issues or wearing pull ups. The Worst President EVER still hasn’t presented any plan in writing.

  10. GOPDAD

    Where is Rev.’s Al and Jesse? Same place they were when the left was attacking Michael Steele. HIDING


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