Another Krebs Postcards is hitting mailboxes this week.

From my mailbox yesterday comes another postcard from Congressional hopeful Shantel Krebs to Republican voters:

22 Replies to “Another Krebs Postcards is hitting mailboxes this week.”

  1. Ike

    Well there’s an ugly gun – .410 revolvers don’t live up to the hype. Probably good for killing rattlesnakes, though. C’mon, Shantel – real women carry SIG P220s. ;-P

  2. Anonymous

    Build the wall. What a joke. A big beautiful wall to keep those raping breeders out. Maga. Joke. Ps-signed an r who guesses unfortunately he must vote for Dusty.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with her bullet points-oops,offended the liberals there!
    Build the wall; there is nothing wrong with that unless you hate national sovereignty. Drain the swamp- great idea unless the swamp pushes the liberal agenda and you support that idiocy.

    1. Anonymous

      Dusty said in his ad that he is up to 145 pounds. But, on TV he looks at least 150, the threshold for manliness.

  4. anono

    Most of our candidates are nice people. But the say or do or wear anything strategies seem straight from campaign consultants. Do a gun ad. Wear a flannel shirt. Stand in a field by a fence post or ride a horse. Do another gun ad. Say ‘drain the swamp’ as much as possible.

    In our Congressional race, we have Shantel and Dusty who very much for a very long time have wanted to be elected to something. Anything. Really bad. The bigger the better. Then we have Mr. Tapio, who is bat guano nuts as far as I can tell. But like many, he believes he is the ONLY one who can win and the ONLY one who can be effective.

    I’m actually more fond of the servant leader — I didn’t always agree with Daugaard, but he is a humble guy doing the best job he can. He didn’t have to be something but when asked to serve, he stepped up. I think we need more like him and fewer who just want to be something and will do or say whatever it takes to get elected, only to be eyeing the next big seat as soon as they get elected.

  5. GOP

    She doesn’t note anywhere that she is currently the Secretary of State and has been running for office for fifteen years. She’s hidden that in all of her materials and acted like the outsider/Trump candidate. I think SD voters will sniff out that something doesn’t add up in this campaign.

  6. Anonymous

    She’s been receiving pay checks from the State of South Dakota for the last 13 years. That’s the definition of a career politician. She’s not going to drain the swamp she’s just more of the same.

    1. Truth is a Virus

      A bargain for Sound Dakota. $6,000 per year and she has a long list of successes that reformed South Dakota! No complaints about Dusty’s 30 years of government paychecks. While he was co-governor, he raised taxes. I think it’s clear, Dusty has money from all established politicians. He is already bought and paid for. Dusty will tell you where he stands after the primary.

      1. Anonymous

        So when he’s a member of Congress you won’t call and ask for favors from him will you?

      2. Anonymous

        How can a career politician campaign on draining the swamp? Krebs action speak louder that her words – she’s added fees and increased her budget as Secretary of State. Wake up people! Tapio is the only choice.

  7. Anonymous

    I just don’t see Shantel winning this race. She makes a lot of fluff statements, few details.

  8. Anonymous

    Dusty is bought and paid for. Check his supporters. Let’s not forget his lapdog style at raising taxes with the Govorner.