Another polling call? Sounds like PPP is in the field as well.

Another polling call…. another note from one of the readers:

Tonight I took one of the worst political push polls for Weiland, putting him up against Rounds.

They asked which candidate I would vote for at the beginning (they included the independents but not other primary candidates). Then after all their questions biased against Rounds and conservative policies, they asked again who I would vote for, maybe expecting me to change my mind after they “educated” me.

I guess I wasn’t very surprised to hear that it was conducted by Public Policy Polling.  It will be interesting to see how the media and democrats spin the results.

Hmmm…. two pollsters in the field tonight? One fake, and one real?

3 Replies to “Another polling call? Sounds like PPP is in the field as well.”

  1. Anonymous

    Sad on both polls. I wish someone reputable would take a straight up poll I discount any paid for by candidates as they put out what they want.

    Also the educating is so bad; why would anybody even waste the time doing it?

  2. Sue

    The only reason I hung on until the end of this poll was to see who was paying for it. There was no “paid for by…” statement, only that it was conducted by Public Policy Polling.

  3. Sue

    The worst poll question asked which of their four statements about the Keystone pipeline were the “strongest”. They were ALL negative; no “none of the above” choice was provided. The terrible part is that after they read the statements, they were re-read with the choice of which # to press – imprinting the negative (and sometimes inaccurate) statement onto the brain. Ugh.

    I can just see it now, “76% of South Dakotans polled about the Keystone Pipeline feel most strongly about …. “.

    I really would have hung up at that question if I didn’t want to get to the end so badly. Consequently, if only those who can tolerate listening to all the bias can make it to the end, how accurate is your result?

    DEAR MEDIA, if you are reading this, please take this all into account before publishing PPPs results. Thank you.