Another update from the campaign trail for Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General

Ladies and Gentleman,

Another busy couple weeks have come and gone since I last wrote you.  Time flies when you enjoy what you are doing.  Since I last wrote you I have driven another 2,000 miles and after all the miles this last year I had to pause a day and get four new tires for my car!

Some of the highlights of the last couple weeks include attending the annual States Attorney’s Association Conference in Deadwood where I spoke with a number of States Attorneys and Deputy States Attorneys from all over our state.  I left the conference and before I headed back to Yankton I stopped and spoke at the monthly Meade County Republican Women meeting in Sturgis.  The ladies were supportive, encouraging and stated they very much enjoyed the informative presentation.

I next went to the Beadle County Lincoln Day Dinner in Huron.  I love how they have everyone put some money in the envelope at their table and each table gets to pick a dessert.  I was selected to go and pick one for our table and I passed that test as I picked a strawberry pie that everyone thought was delicious!  Thank you to Chairman Pilcher and Senator White for putting on a great event.  I also won an auction item, which says it all  – God Bless America!

The next night, I attended the Grant County Lincoln Day Dinner in Milbank.  It was nice to see them have a Lincoln Day Dinner after not having one for seven years.  Nice job Chairman Sandvig and Senator Wiik!  The venue looked very impressive! I met a lot of new people: a number of party chairmen and long-time strong party activists from a number of counties came as well to help make the night a success.

As the Lincoln Day Dinner season comes to an end for this year (except Lincoln County in the fall, I am not forgetting you!) it is time to transition to the next phase.  I will be traveling around all parts of our state again with a more in depth program about my candidacy and the issues coming before our state.

Upcoming events
I will be speaking on Saturday, May 20, 2017 in the County Resource Center Board Room at the Swiftel Center in Brookings at the Saturday meeting of the Brookings County Republicans.  It starts at 9:00 a.m.  I will be talking about a number of upcoming potential ballot issues, SB 70 and my candidacy.

Then around noon the same day I will be speaking at the Moody County Republicans at the Bean and Vine at 803 West Pipestone Avenue in Flandreau.

I hope to see you there or if you would like me to come and give the program to your group, feel free to contact me and we will try and work something out.

Stay safe and God Bless,

31 Replies to “Another update from the campaign trail for Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General”

  1. Anonymous

    I enjoy these updates from candidates. I like Dusty and Jason they both are very energetic and talk about the issues, not just give us biographical speeches and no substance like some candidates.

    I attended some of Jason’s presentations the last few years and they were very informative. He has done a lot for the party and clearly knows the law.

  2. Marilyn Oakes

    Good to see this update. Jason has been tirelessly working toward a leadership position in SD and this is a very good fit. West River folks have come to rely on his knowledge of issues both state and national, and I know he will always give 110%

  3. Anonymous

    Jason is a hard worker; I don’t think there is any argument about that! He also has prosecutorial experience, and he has provided service to this country in the National Guard with several tours overseas. He is definitely qualified for this job, and he would be a real asset as Attorney General.

  4. Doug

    Jason has to be one of the hardest working people the party has, taking on the ballot issues the way he did last year took on an extreme amount of dedication and inspired me to get involved to help anyway I could.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree, we would be a lot worse off if more of those ballot measures would have passed and Jason seemed to be everywhere talking about them.

      We wouldn’t even be having a convention discussion if Amendment V would have passed.

  5. Real Attorney

    I like it how Jason “portrays” himself as a deputy state’s attorney. He “acts” the part by going to the conference, yet he is not on the payroll for Union County, nor does the Audtors Office know who he is. No wonder why he has the time to write all these emails….

    1. Anonymous

      Hey “Real Attorney”, check out some case files and you’ll see his name as prosecuting attorney; are the courts lying? Check out the Union County website and you’ll see his name as a deputy prosecutor; is the county lying? Sounds like, at the very least, you are ill-informed, and at the most, your insinuations are a lie; which is it?

      Since you can’t be bothered to do any checking on your own, here is the link to the Union County State’s Attorney Office:

      Check it out, you might learn something.

      1. Susan Howard

        Just curious, when you do to your link, I note that his email is a personal one and not a union county one, why is that?

  6. Troy Jones

    Three comments:

    1) Maybe it is stuck in my head but this is still the worst logo I’ve ever seen.

    2) Somebody has Ravnsborg Derangement Syndrome because the mere mention of his name brings out the most snarky comments, which in their rapid repetitiveness indicates they are coming from a rather small-mind.

    3) Drives me nuts when my wife says she won something on Ebay. She bought something on Ebay. Jason, you didn’t “win” an auction item. You bought it. 🙂

    1. Ike

      Just like the presidents pictured in that god-awful logo, I just want to scratch my eyes out looking at it.

    1. Anonymous

      Boom is right, thanks for doing the research!

      Pesky things those facts!

      Another myth dispelled about him…a true public servant it appears to me, Jason is not getting paid to do it.

      I’m glad “real attorney” isn’t representing me with such shoddy work.

    2. Anonymous

      Limited deputy state’s attorney? What a joke. That’s obviously a meaningless title he’s obtained purely for political purposes. Shameless.

      1. Anonymous

        Good grief! Limited deputy states attorney a title used for a political resume and the issue I have long had with the early US Senate campaign photos with Jason in a fight suit and aviator glasses in front of an A-10 Warthog when he actually served as a Transportation Unit officer.

        Here is a guy running to be South Dakota’s top cop and looking out for consumers and his lack of judgement chose shady history Lee Pornahan to be involved in his US Senate campaign? Lee Pornahan who associates with grifters?

        Look Jason is a most likely a nice guy and has carried a lot of water for the elephant but are we automatically just to support and vote for this guy for being so loyal to the party and overlook he is simply not qualified to be AG?

        1. Anonymous

          He is qualified, despite your opinion. Have you been an attorney general or deputy states attorney? What makes you qualified to comment on the qualifications of this position? Perhaps your opinion is of no value because you haven’t got a clue about what Jason has done over his law career?

          Also, is you opinion that just because he wasn’t a pilot it is not okay for him to take a pic in a flight suit? Is his service not worthy of notice? Did he put on anything that he was a pilot?

          1. Anonymous

            You did not mention my points including his lack of proper judgment of helping bring Lee Stranahan to South Dakota and his involvement in Jason’s US Senate campaign?

            Regarding the photo. Lets say I ran for a state office here in South Dakota. I mention that I too served in a branch of the military and was a Quartermaster meaning it was basically like a supply position dealing with vehicle maintenance ordering parts and scheduling services which is actually what I did. My campaign photo has me wearing an Army Ranger patch, the beret and jump boots but I never served or completed Ranger school. No disclaimer or anything other than mentioning I served in the military. You don’t have a problem with that? Armies don’t run without support and transportation units. My job could be in any unit with vehicles from Tanks, Transportation trucks, to front line infantry. All are important and have a vital role to play but I am not going to imply that I did something that I did not or steal someone else’s glory. A cook should be proud of the role they play! That food helps with morale besides fueling an army.

            btw! That photo of him in front of that A10 would be appropriate to share among friends and family but not in a campaign promo unless he actually flew sorties in Iraq.

            Again! Nice guy! Loyalty to the Party is to be commended but has not demonstrated the best judgment to be AG South Dakotas top cop and consumer advocate and not qualified.

      2. Anonymous

        Are you that foolish? Do you think that Union County simply hands out titles to people who don’t actually do the work the job requires? Just state who your pick is for SD AG and then try to build them up rather than sounding like a total idiot.

        1. Anonymous

          Exactly what work does an unpaid “limited deputy state’s attorney” position require? That’s right, it requires none. It’s a title with nothing behind it. Real prosecutors don’t respect this guy because he’s not one of them.

  7. Anonymous

    I don’t really get the negative comments on the logo; I like it.

    I think Jason is working hard to get out there and earn the position, and I appreciate hearing what is going on throughout the state.

    Keep up your efforts!

  8. Lee Schoenbeck

    Ok, now I’m curious, and this isn’t expressing an opinion in this debate. I went and read those links. What is a limited part-time states attorney with no salary, what do they do and why do they have one?
    I get the no pay thing. I’m prosecuting a case for free for the state as a special AG, but it’s a one and done thing. What is this county position? Jason, here’s your platform 😄

    1. Dave R

      Lee, I will let Jason know you asked. I happen to know that he usually doesn’t read comments. He will likely reach out personally to discuss it.

  9. Patriot

    It’s obvious this man does not have any fulltime employment other than his weekend warrior venture. A Fulltime attorney would be neglecting his clients and caseload by scurrying around the state showboating as he does. Ask yourself why does he have so much free time? I think I know the answer.

    1. Anonymous

      Good points and I agree. Looking at his tweets his interests are more focused towards military and national security though I question his sources. AG seems like a bad fit for him anyways and not even sure why he is running for it. He should go full-time military or full time civil service at a Guard or Army reserve unit.

  10. Anne Beal

    All this discussion of Jason’s qualifications and now I am wondering how many of you are members of the Central Committee?

  11. Anonymous

    The logo does have a bit of a jack-o-lantern feel, but who cares. In 2002 Mike Rounds’ logo was terrible, and Mike simply went to every small restaurant and coffee shop in the state and talked real issues with real people. Jason is a great candidate and he’s talking policy and connecting with people. GOP conventions are a difficult road to navigate, and Jason knows the way to win is to connect with the delegates first. I wish him all the best and think he would make a fantastic AG.