Any potential GOP Legislative Candidates out there?

Anyone out there looking at running for the South Dakota Legislature (or county office) as a Republican for the first time in 2018?

Drop me a confidential note here, and let me know a few basics, such as name, city, what office you’re running for, and maybe a note about your previous political experiences.  I and a friend or two are looking at potentially putting something together for new candidates to help them in their efforts, and am wondering about the level of interest.

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  1. Miranda Gohn

    Pat it looks like Lynne DiSanto now has a challenger for her legislative seat from the SDDP. Good for him! Don’t know where he stands on particular issues but we will find out in time.

      1. Miranda Gohn


        Probably more interested in unifying everyone to work towards solving longstanding challenges our state faces rather than attempting to divide and distract us. I welcome that regardless of party. There are certain responsibilities and I believe a code of conduct our elected officials should have especially being in our state legislature where your constituents are diverse. Bo seems like a nice guy and I messaged him earlier but we already disagree on a major issue important to me that would keep me from supporting him.

        Regardless competition is good along with bringing up issues that need to be debated.

          1. Miranda Gohn


            Bo is 100% supportive of the flawed ballot initiatives to legalize all uses of Marijuana in South Dakota which will alone will eliminate a substantial amount of voters and could place him at a further disadvantage in his district.

            Not so sure about Minnesota. Both houses are controlled by the MNGOP and Dayton is firmly against recreational use. All but one DFL of candidates for Governor are for legalization for recreational use and I am not aware of any MNGOP candidates for Governor for it and the MNGOP has solid support in rural/greater MN. A number of bread and butter moderate DFLers are against it knowing the social costs and it will not be the golden goose as promised.

            1. Miranda Gohn

              “Most Americans” does not equate to one’s social circle. Big difference!

              Colorado has had numerous negative issues since legalization and many DFLers in Minnesota are not too happy with where the state DFL has gone on this issue. Who knows? MNGOP could control all branches of government after the 2018 election.

  2. Jake

    We do need to remain vigilant. Each cycle with legislators being term-limited running for other offices Etc or just retiring we need to continue to be actively involved in recruiting!

    1. MC

      Maybe some kind of training program, or campaigning boot camp, with classes year round to help candidates get elected, and quite frankly, be better legislators.

      1. Anonymous

        But you have no authority, you only have policy making duties. Governor Daugaard already pointed that out. Just do as your told, how hard is that?

  3. Anonymous

    What’s the scoop on Neal Tapio? Stace Nelson? Steve Sibson? Brian Gosch? Are they running? What for?

    Rumors on potential LtGov picks like Larry Rhoden? Tim Rave? Russ Olson? These would have a big impact on who I vote for,

    1. Anonymous

      I hope Gosch runs for his old state house seat, I think he would be a shoo-in to replace Konzet who is term limited.