Anyone have any good "wild boar" recipes?

In David Montgomery’s recent interview with Representative Kristin Conzet, they covered a wide variety of topics from legislative experience, texting bans, K-12 funding and you guessed it… wild boar recipes.

Conzet is teaching herself to speak Italian and loves to cook, especially any recipes involving wild boar.

Does anyone have any good wild boar recipes? Maybe we can help keep the wild boar population down across this state.

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  1. Boar's perspective

    Anyone have any RINO recipes?

    Just what we need in Pierre is another spoiled rich girl given a seat to represent us common people.

    1. 73*

      What is the deal with the obsession some have about “RINO’s” in the SD GOP?

      Our legislature is actually fairly conservative. We might occassionally drift towards nanny statism but for the most part we are fiscally responsible.

      1. principles

        why should sd republicans continue to support a party that does not live up to its own platform and goes out if its way to recruit people who do not believe in the principles of the people they represent?

        maybe you are satisfied with the simple distraction of an “r” behind someone’s name, the rest of us are not so easily FOOLed.

        1. delegate

          Do you ever think about how fiscally responsible our leaders are?

          Lust, Rausch and the gang make Noem look like a liberal big spender. Look at the facts and then ask yourself why Noem is a Tea Partier while Lust is a RINO.

          Noem’s record in the legislature is full of passing the buck while Daugaard’s and Lust’s is a success of cutting the budget.

          1. anon2

            what r u smoking?

            Lust led the charge to pass the governor’s $10 million plus “WINS” (AKA SD Loses) “program” in a budget adjustment bill. that is the one SD is getting sued over that sends that money out of state to recruit employees for private business?!? another $ million to build a building on leased ground near Brookings. another $ 300,000 for a building near the capital grounds that they wanted (not needed) a couple miles closer than the one they currently had.

            really fiscal conservative, and those are just the spending bills I heard of.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes I was wondering the exact same thing when I read Montgomery’s article. It literally came out of no where in the story.

    1. forest for the trees

      Pretty smart of Davidd actually. Shows how out of touch the woman really is to the people she is supposed to be a representative of. The only thing more stupid or out of touch she could have said was “let them eat cake…”

    1. Anonymous

      Anyone seen Ohleen lately? He was a bit hefty or out of shape when he worked for the party also. Look at Nesselfat.

      It’s hard to stay in shape when working all over the state sleeping who knows where and eating ramen noodles and beer or coke.

      I’m not saying Ohleen ever did anything when he was in the SD GOP office but he’s clearly cleaned up his diet and is eating much better now. Because he is much thinner.

      I suspect the same will happen with BJ Nesseldoublechin and Tony Post when they leave the parties work.

      Until then here is to a diet of fast food chili fries, Bud Heavy, a shortage of sleep and no excercise.


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