Anyone remember the Dan Willard criminal robocall trial is next week?

It’s been awfully, awfully, quiet in the case. But just in case you’ve forgotten, the Dan Willard criminal robocall trial is set to take place this next week in Lake County.  The trial was supposed to happen last month, and the month before that, but as is the case in many trials, things get pushed back for various reasons.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the civil lawsuit filed by Dan Lederman against Willard and alleged co-conspirators, but the criminal action brought by the state Attorney General, after a grand jury was convened in the matter, for alleged violation of state elections law.

As I noted (now many months ago):

Remember, this wasn’t a legitimate political effort where people stood up for their beliefs. This was an anonymous and allegedly illegal political campaign where they purposefully attempted to avoid being accountable for their words in the harsh light of day.  I mean, If they were so damned noble, why did they have to hide?

Read that here.

In the intervening months, my opinion hasn’t changed in the matter. These were paid political attacks, period.  And this next week, we’ll find out if state election laws matter.

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  1. Harv

    It is shameful that Stace was involved with these attacks as implicated in a sworn affidavit, but I shouldn’t be surprised… Just look at all of the anonymous websites and twitter accounts he is associated with who relentlessly attack other Republicans. I would be more comfortable using my full name on this blog, but I don’t want to subject myself to Stace’s hate machine.

    1. PP at the SDWC

      Harv, I would point out that Stace has disavowed those websites and accounts supporting him and attacking others, and said he can’t control what others write.

      1. Harv

        Very easy for him to say that… Just like he originally claimed to have no involvement in the robocall attacks.

  2. Anne Beal

    I’m not afraid of Stace. I’ll use my name, unlike all the rest of you chickens.
    I’ve been thinking about this, and realized, he is a lot like Barack Obama in personality: he’s right, everybody who opposes his ideas is wrong, when he doesn’t get his own way, everybody’s picking on him, it’s always those mean old (republicans/rinos) who are out to get him, all he’s ever wanted to do is serve his fellow man. Cue the violins.

    1. Walter

      I never thought about it that way Anne. But you might just be spot on with the truth on this one. I haven’t followed to whole Willard thing closely was Stace involved in some capacity with this situation? He is more like President Obama than what one would initially think. Speaking to a couple legislators they are happy he is running for Senate to get him out of the House. Not because he doesn’t follow their lead, but because he complains if it’s not his way far too frequently and worries more about picking on legislators then influencing good legislation. I don’t know how true all of that is but it seems to be a common sediment when you talk to legislators in Pierre.

      1. Fleming

        Just curious, was “a common sediment” a typo, a Freudian slip, or a deliberate play on words? Whatever it was, it’s hilarious. Thanks Walter!

        1. Walter

          Sometimes I need to spell check and proofread before I hit the comment button! I deserved that one 🙂 However if you hear the constant rumblings from the legislators is it really all hog wash or is there something to what they say about Stace Nelson?

  3. Chicken

    Originally I wanted this trial dropped because I thought it was just a couple overly passionate people who got carried away but I see Stace and Willard don’t learn lessons, are not remorseful and are likely to do something similar or worse to get their point across.

    I hope they get the book thrown at them.

    1. Anonymous

      Has anyone noticed Pat and Dan Lederman were served to appear as witnesses but are trying to avoid appearinng filing a motion with lacky attorney Joel Arends to stop them from appearing. So what is Pat and Dan Lederman trying to hide?

  4. Anonymous

    Obama uses the IRS to go after conservatives, his brother Chicago lawyer Dennis Daugaard uses Jackley..

    What about Denny’s violating the same statute when he did the polling calls across SD for his cronys? They were communications covered by the statute and were blatant violations of the law, but it was the Democrats that did it, right Dusty?

    Imagine Nelson getting asked about this in front of a big audience and telling the people the truth about these politicians voting records of going after our National Guard benefits while they were in combat! Give the big Marine a softball like that! Say, didint Rhoden vote for that bill too?

    1. Anonymous

      Do you have any proof that the governor was involved in making any illegal calls? How about any proof that the alleged calls where even made?

      1. Anonymous

        Tony “V” admitted they made communications that mentioned candidates and elected officials within 60 days without the required advisors they are charging Willard with. The calls were more illegal than those they charged Willard with, the law is explicit, there is no exception. Search David Montgomery’s blog, it is all there is black and white that the governor and his staff are even more guilty of the same statute they are charging Willard. Dirty Denny, the Obamacare loving Chicago Lawyer..

    2. Anonymous

      Polling isn’t candidate advocacy. Robocall saying someone should be removed from office is. Huge difference.

      1. Anonymous

        Well Clarence Darrow, read the statute. There is NO difference under the statute they charged Willard. There is NO magical polling call exception. Denny is dirty and guilty of violating the same statute he used the AG’s office to go after his political opponent with. What do you expect from an Obama Chicago Lawyer?

  5. Troy Jones Post author

    Stace’s supporters don’t like most legislators, the Governor, the Attorney General, Charles Krauthammer, Tom Coburn, Dusty Johnson. Most don’t like Noem or Thune.

    They like Bob Ellis, Gordon Howie, Lance Russell, Ed Randazzo, Shawn Tornow, Dan Willard.

      1. Anonymous

        The fear that the political machine he is part of, is about ready to have its tires knocked off.

    1. Anonymous

      So you don’t like report cards that actually show how legislators vote, but you are going to claim to know the minds of all the people in SD that support Nelson, on each one of the persons listed above?

      1. Anonymous

        But the observations of RINO poor voting records of record are somehow cloudy when indexed?