Apparently, Dem US Senate Candidate Jay Williams intends to roller skate to all of his events

How crazy left do you have to be to demand that the United States “Stop using fossil fuels. Period?”

Apparently, the South Dakota Democrat Party’s US Senate Candidate Jay Williams is where the bar is set on that issue.

19 Replies to “Apparently, Dem US Senate Candidate Jay Williams intends to roller skate to all of his events”

  1. Lynn

    Is Jay volunteering to start by not using fossil fuels to heat his house, run his appliances and go campaigning across the state?

    Will he be walking or riding his bicycle everywhere?

    What about the farmers, businesses and everyone that can’t function without fossil fuels?

    These guys live in lala land.

    1. Anonymous

      Stupid is as stupid does, my mama always said.

      This is truly an idiotic campaign about nothing but alarmist, socialist talking points and absolutely no substance. Jay’s campaign is yet another reason to be grateful when this campaign season over.

  2. Troy Jones

    All one has to do is sit on any street in town and count the cars that drive by to know this is an idea that won’t be very popular.

  3. Bill Fleming

    There was a time when the main source of energy was whale oil. I don’t imagine it changed overnight, but it changed.

    1. Pat Powers

      Bill, I think they used whale oil in their lanterns, and they either rowed or sailed.

      I think I’ll stick with fossil fuels myself.

      1. Daniel Buresh

        Your kids will be so proud of you when they are cleaning up your mess. Change can’t be sudden, but it must happen.

        1. William Beal

          And, that change will happen as soon as the alternatives are effective and affordable.

    1. Anonymous

      Why do you have such an axe to grind with Thune? Stop being so childish and try to contribute something of value in your posts; either that or get a job!

  4. grudznick

    My friend Mr. Fleming is pretty rational at times. I think he is saying that over time all will be run on nuclear or cold fusion or perpetual motion devices. Not that everybody goes all cool turkey sandwich on burning coal and gas right now.