Apparently, Legislators don’t deal with those issues. Only easy ones.

Apparently, District 3 Democrat State Legislative Candidate Nikki Bootz doesn’t think the legislature deals with issues such as abortion & gun rights.



6 Replies to “Apparently, Legislators don’t deal with those issues. Only easy ones.”

  1. Troy


    The delusions of Hillary are contagious. It is a disease which only exposure to common sense can cure. Fortunately, the GOP convention is in Aberdeen. I hope she gets an invite. This is serious.

  2. Anonymous

    What does our legislature really do on those issues? Posture. Kaiser may end up being the sensible choice.

  3. Spencer

    Nikki seams like a serious candidate for serious issues. I hope she remembers to report all those stray dollar bills for campaign financing purposes. If anything exceeds $100 in a calendar year, you need to chase that person down and get a name and address. It’s the law.