Apparently Senator Phil Jensen thought this was a good idea?

I don’t think you can make this stuff up.

Apparently State Senator Phil Jensen is the person who had obtained the Ashley Madison Database for South Dakota. And mustering up all his computer expertise, he mistakenly sent to the people in charge of South Dakotans Against Prohibition.



Wow. I repeat, you can’t make this stuff up.

13 Replies to “Apparently Senator Phil Jensen thought this was a good idea?”

  1. NewsroomInsider

    The media in South Dakota now have the full Ashley Madison list for South Dakota and there are big names on there. Editors are now deciding how far to go with their stories.

  2. TV Watcher

    Don’t kid yourself, the liberal media in Sioux Falls, will never give this the light of day.
    Big names … you will never hear about them. (Unless they are republicans)

  3. caheidelberger

    There are Republicans, Democrats, and others. 2,143 unique entries, maybe 2,000 of them identifiable names, with addresses and credit card information… but proving what? That Phil Jensen is willing to circulate information that is either (1) fake or (2) illegally obtained and posing a significant financial risk to the credit cardholders listed?

  4. Anon

    The list is available with a little web searching. And it’s bad news for South Dakota Democrats. Sheer arrogance is the only explanation.

  5. Concerned

    Trying to web search but finding fake sites trying to spam me. Can you be a little more specific where to safely look?

  6. Playgirl

    The media spent ten years building up the big Democrat on this list. They have a big investment in protecting him.

  7. Farkle

    This is a real test of South Dakota’s media. Are they just scribes for the powerful? Or will they actually report on prominent people who are caught in a scandal?

  8. rchunter

    The Ashley Madison information is hacked data. If true, Mr. Jensen is in possession of stolen property. Not so sure that is legal.

  9. Playgirl

    Half the state has the list now mchunter–the damage to one of the two remaining semi-viable Democrat candidates in this state is irreparable