Apparently, the Krebs campaign has blocked me on Facebook. Not sure how hiding information helps her win.

I was looking at one of my recent Facebook posts regarding the State Fair this past weekend, when I noticed something a bit odd.

“This Facebook post is no longer available?”  Hm. I didn’t think I’d borked up the code.  I went to the Shantel Krebs Facebook page I’d linked it from, and just a day or so later, it wasn’t there.. which was odd.  It’s her Facebook, so she can yank it down if she likes, so ok.

I really hadn’t given it much thought until I thought about the oddness this morning, and just to check, I went in with an account I use to pull Lora Hubbels’ Facebook postings, since she’s blocked my main account from pointing out her posts on sorcery and weather control. So just for the sake of looking, I checked to see if the missing posts were actually still there, and my ability to view them had been removed.

Lo and behold, the missing Krebs posts are there. Which means that apparently someone on Team Krebs pulled a Lora Hubbel, and blocked those people covering the campaign that they simply might be crabby with (as in me) from viewing updates on the campaign page.

The campaign is certainly free to prevent my effort to note that “Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is out working the crowds.” But it would certainly seem to be counterintuitive.

The blocking seems to have coincided with the announcement of the results of the party’s Straw Poll, which I really didn’t say anything about. It’s not going to prevent me from mentioning the campaign, or talking about issues or concerns that I might notice. But what it does do is remove positive campaign items that might be worth highlighting for the readers from coming to my notice so I can share them with readers.

So, Shantel Krebs has joined Lora Hubbel to hide things from public view. Not exactly a campaign strategy I ever have employed in nearly 30 years of this stuff.

And kind of an inauspicious thing for someone to do who wants to earn the GOP Nomination for Congress.

19 Replies to “Apparently, the Krebs campaign has blocked me on Facebook. Not sure how hiding information helps her win.”

  1. KM

    What it does do…makes it easier not to vote for her.

    I can see it coming…the victim card. Way to work that campaign Team Krebs!

    1. Anonymous

      Krebs should spend more time in the office and less time out campaigning. We are paying for her to work in the office, we should not pay for her to go to the State Fair.

  2. Trey

    This is so childish. She is running for US House, makes no sense to block a blog, even if the blog supports another candidate. I actually think she is a better candidate than Dusty and will actually beat him, she has more appeal. However, doing dumb stuff like this won’t help her cause.

      1. Former Dak

        IMHO Pat plays it pretty straight against detractors or those whom he disagrees with. But, if you are dumb enough to post a nasty gram from your government office, he will call you out on it.

        So, wait until you get home and then post. Just saying.

  3. Anonymous

    She needs to spend more time doing the job she was elected to do and less time out of the office campaigning for Congress.

  4. Liberty Dick

    Looks like she is close to the friend limit on Facebook. Maybe you simply got unfriended to make room for others.

  5. Anony

    Dusty won both straw polls. She needs to do something to prove to voters that she’s a strong candidate, blocking Powers looks childish and petty, not a smart move.

    1. Anony

      Why didn’t Jackley do anything over the voter app issue? I think that should have been looked into. I keep hearing crony capitalism and I’m starting to believe there is a problem in Pierre.

  6. Anonymous

    Pat, refer to your previous post. You have no problem with Shantel? Why is everything you write one-sided and usually an attack on her? How much is Dusty paying you to work for him?

  7. Anonymous

    For the record, if you check Shantel’s campaign page (the page that Pat clearly doesn’t know how to get to), you’ll see that she was at the fair on Saturday and Sunday. I’m pretty sure that state offices aren’t open on the weekends.


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