Apparently, the Sanders campaign has gone to the dogs.

For $3, I had to have it because it made me laugh:


Now we can all say there’s proof the Bernie Sanders campaign has gone to the dogs.

2 Replies to “Apparently, the Sanders campaign has gone to the dogs.”

  1. Anonymous

    Yep, Sanders is the type of guy who would fight for animal welfare while defending the precious right to abortion, so beloved by the socialists. I suppose he figures if he can get dogs the right to vote, with dogs being at voting age in dog’s years in less than 3 human years, he would be able to get a lot of voters. Hillary may bark like one, but Bernie supports them!

  2. jimmy james

    Better that a candidate goes to the dogs than a whole party. We have likely nominated a misogynist to run against the first female major party nominee. You don’t have to be a genius to guess how that will turn out.

    Oh, misogynist too strong for you? Then you haven’t been paying attention. Megyn Kelly. Carly Fiorina. Michelle Fields. Yes, even Rosie O’Donnell. Just four examples. And the other comments he has made. You wouldn’t let me quote them here.