Apparently, you can’t even go fishing in peace anymore thanks to the animal activist loons

This clip is all over the internet today, as a result of a group harassing a couple of fisherman in a public park:

It’s pretty bad when a man can’t even fish in peace anymore, thanks to the animal activist loons.

7 Replies to “Apparently, you can’t even go fishing in peace anymore thanks to the animal activist loons”

  1. grudznick

    Those libbies, insaner than most, should drive through Meade county sometime and ponder what happens to all those cows. It’s too bad those fishermen didn’t bonk that little panfish on the head right there in front of the libbies.

    grudznick has read studies that salad plants have feelings too.

  2. KM

    We have a block party every summer & one neighbor fries fish for everyone…yum, fish is tasty!!

  3. Anonymous

    Put it on a stringer, take it home and enjoy. No need to have it flop around on hot cement. Both sides are wrong in their actions. It’s called common sense and decency.

  4. Troy Jones

    Based on his rationale, I assume he takes the same approach to women going in an abortion clinic and would oppose the anti-harassment laws prohibiting the same behavior he displayed.

    I think every liberal politician should be asked if they agree with this bozo. If they do, it will expose them for the nutjobs they are. If they don’t, these nut jobs will realize how small their support is.

  5. Anonymous

    The actions of the protestors would be funny if they were not so scary. Those activists are insane, but the fishermen were amazing restrained.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t know why they didn’t have it on a stringer; it would make more sense because if it dies and sits in the hot sun it may get bacteria that isn’t good for the folks eating it, BUT. . .

    That idiot acting all righteous and intelligent speaking about animals having the same capacity for love that humans do? That is an Obama/Hillary/Bernie voter, and he is a nut! He won’t blink at aborting a baby, but whack a puppy on the nose to teach it not to pee on the carpet? Call the firing squad for that dog owner! However, this nimrod would even question whether an animal can be owned in the first place!

    I heard a story on Belfrage this morning about a court wasting it’s time on somebody suing as to whether a chimpanzee (an animal) has copyright protection for a “selfie” that the chimp took. The judge, if he/she had an ounce of credibility, would have thrown it out, but here we are.

    There was a story yesterday about some animal rights loons barging into a Florida Chick-Fil-A to protest eating of animals. These freaks are everywhere, and they need to be shouted down at every opportunity!