Appropriating candidate logos for fun & profit.

Here’s some thing I hadn’t really noticed until last night.  See the below political pins up for sale on eBay?

$_57$_57 $_12Pretty cool, huh?  The problem is – none of these pins, with their official logos were produced by the campaigns. Daugaard never produced a pin, and Bosworth’s pins are round. And I’m going to make a leap of faith, and assume the same on Lowe’s pin as well.

In each case, the eBay bidding starts at $3.00, plus about $3.00 shipping.

What do you think about this? Ok? Bad? Who cares?

3 Replies to “Appropriating candidate logos for fun & profit.”

  1. lazy eye

    If it’s not official it’s bad for collectors. I thought I had a Daugaard pin though.

  2. Anne Beal

    It’ll be bad for collectors, but if you buy one and wear it to show your support of a candidate, and maybe get the candidate to sign it or have a picture taken of yourself with the candidate while you are wearing it, that would make it more legitimate as a collectible I suppose