Are all liberal bloggers this unsatisfied?

Ever read a liberal blogger’s writing and realize how dissatisfied he is with the political side of life? No one ever lives up to the standards he adheres to. Oh to be perfect and constantly look down in disappointment upon the imperfect. The life of a liberal blogger must be rough.

I can’t help but remember in the spring of 2010 when Cory Heidelberger anxiously anticipated Dr. Kevin Weiland’s entrance into the Democratic congressional primary to purge a certain blue dog named Stepahanie Herseth Sandlin from the party. Unfortunately for him, that primary never happened:

Woster reports Weiland had 3800 signatures ready to submit. I collected 20 signatures for Weiland…

If you gathered signatures for Weiland, put your name and total in the comment section. Let’s hear it. If we can’t have the conversation about the direction of the South Democratic Party, if the Blue Dogs win by default, we can at least stake our names to one fast and furious petition drive that ought to tell our incumbent Congresswoman something… and apparently sending a message is all the satisfaction we get. Grrrr!

Oh to never be satisfied… as if pushing for a party rift in the Democratic party wasn’t enough for him, he hopes with all his might for a Republican primary…

right-wing theocrats? insurgency could weaken the Republican Party enough in 2012 to throw the door wide open for Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to step back onto the stage and return to Congress.

Now I don’t need to tell you how silly his assertion is, but apparently Cory has one consistent problem… he is never happy with whoever serves this state. I feel sorry for Cory that he can’t ever find satisfaction in our representatives no matter how hard he punches out blog posts at his keyboard.

This Christmas be sure to say a prayer for our dissatisfied little friend and help him to realize he shouldn’t be so uptight.

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  1. caheidelberger

    All right, “Bill”: how about living up to this one standard: if you’re going insult me, do it to my face. Tell us who your are. Put your real name to your words, as I do every day and as you have yet to do. Until then, stifle your condescension and save your “prayers” for someone who really needs them.

    The only thing silly here is your sapce-wasting post and your apparent frustrated effort to wallow in ad hominem. I see no difference in my criticism of various political figures and your criticism of various political figures… well, except for the fact that I’m generally right and you’re generally wrong.

  2. Stace Nelson

    Mr. Heidelberger has a very successful blog that has been about as fair on most issues as any blog, to include DWC. While he and I disagree on some major issues, he has my respect as an obviously intelligent man and for his past fair treatment of political issues I was involved in.

    My best wishes to him and his family for a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year..

        1. Anonymous

          Stace you are making me uncomfortable with the friends you are keeping. Cory will never be loyal to you.

          “who either Christine-O?Donnell themselves before rational Dem opponents or who win, go to Pierre, and become Nelson-Hubbel thorns in the GOP leadership?s side.”

          Cory is like the cattle prod and you are the cow.

          Stace Nelson believes that those in the GOP who agree with him 80% of the time are worse than those like Heidelberger who would sell him out faster than anyone in the GOP.

          Stace you are a good man but you bette wise up.

    1. Stace Nelson

      Mr. Heidelberger is open and honest about the positions he maintains on issues. Aside from his overzealous disagreement with Congresswoman Noem, he is normally civil and frank about the issues.

      I sparred with a great boxer for several years. He broke my nose on one occasion when I dropped my guard while sparring, made me a better boxer. It did not make him my enemy, just a worthy opponent.

      “Anonymous,” that is not my position even on the ones that voted 80% against me. I though we resolved that issue?

      1. Merry Christmas Cory!

        Considering Republicans control 52 of 70 State House seats, 30 of 35 State Senate seats, Attorney General, Auditor, Treasurer, Sec of State, School and Public Lands, 3 of 3 PUC seats, Governor, Lt. Governor, the Congressional seat, and 1 of 2 US Senate seats, has a vastly more active county party aparatus in all 66 counties I would assume the War College blog or any other conservative blog does just fine considering most of SD is not liberal.

  3. Clay Bill

    Cory is the only reason I visit this blog. He’s the only commenter who makes sense. He’s the only commenter with a degree of civility. He’s intelligent and thoughtful … he’s so unlike about 99 percent of the people who post on this blog, who barely have enough brainpower to think of a highly unoriginal, childish insult to anyone who disagrees with them. I need something much more substantive to read than the load of tripe I can count on finding here. Excuse me while I log on to the Madville Times.

  4. Anonymous

    Cory has about the thinnest skin of anyone I’ve ever seen. He ripps the war college daily on his (because he knows it’s the only way anyone will read his) but when someone finally mildly calls him out for being a tool he goes off and wines about it.

    I bet tomorrow we can all expect a big old blog post on Madville Times about the SDWC treating him unfairly.

  5. William

    Cory & I are on opposite sides of the fence on most issues, but he’s a fellow “political junkie” that gets passionate about issues. I like that.

    When we actually find common ground, we might actually be on to something =|;0)

    It’s good to have conversations with people that disagree with me, at least it forces me to think and define my positions.

    With that thought, Merry Christmas to all at DWC (even those I disagree with – lol)!

  6. Anonymous

    Being negative is not a bad place to stand that is if you are a willing learner from others that do not agree with you. Both present GOOD and willing solutions to problems. Too many people are against anything that does not conform to the agenda of that person. Those are the people who need to go to sleep and never come back. Those are the people who have nothing to give only something to demand at any cost…………..

  7. J Rae

    Cory may just be upset that the NRA has joined in the War on Christmas…and they have all of the guns.

    Seriously NRA…Happy Holidays…how could you. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are not going to be happy about this at all.

  8. DUH

    Why you give CAhiedlebergerbergerwithfries any time at all is beyond me. He is perpetually negative, unrealistic, a spinner, incredibly naive and usually flat wrong as public opinion and history shows. Annoying to say the least. As for Nelson’s comments, I can only assume that he figured out that he’s getting something that he’s wanted for Christmas and is feeling warm and fuzzy. Ridiculous.


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