Are we going to be able to go home for Christmas?

Are we going to be able to go home for Christmas?  If you listen to Sanford’s CEO, it sounds as if things might be turning around quickly on COVID:

Sanford Health’s chief executive says South Dakota doesn’t need a mask-mandate, and the worst of the pandemic is days away from being in the rear-view mirror.


 And though state health officials have previously stated vaccine doses would begin arriving in South Dakota sometime in December, Krabbenhoft said new information provided to him Thursday indicates Sanford’s first vaccine shipment could come even sooner than that.

“I feel like with a vaccine — I’m told we’re about 10 days away from receiving it — it feels like the cavalry is coming,” he said.

Read the entire story here.

What do you think?  Are we going to be moving the pendulum back towards normalcy in just a few weeks?

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  1. Am I to understand that a health care professional is actually spewing the truth? How dare he? The virus is not nearly as deadly as the media and politicians would have us believe. And now there is a vaccine that should be ready in a relatively short time. I guess we have President Trump and Vice President Pence to thank for this in their leadership to do something that could not have been done in a Biden administration. I doubt the President will win his fight, but at least we can thank him for his parting gift to us, the American people.

  2. “it feels like the cavalry is coming”

    Fauci used the same analogy…must be a vaccine conspiracy. I am not taking it. If we want to return to normalcy, then we need to reverse the control gained by the Deep State due to its propaganda in regard to COVID. In South Dakota, the survival rate among those under 40 years of age is 99.968% No wonder most are against lock downs and mandatory masking.

    1. Feel free to not take the vaccine. Just don’t stand in the way of those who do. People take the flu vaccine all of the time, even though it is mostly survivable. Personally, I would rather take the vaccine than take a chance I’ll catch something that could very well make me feel miserable for a week and a half. Besides, I like to taste my rib eyes!
      The fact still remains from the time of the start to actually having a vaccine, this is unheard of. Only someone like President Trump could have pulled it off.

        1. Trump made it possible for the medical researchers to do their work by removing so much red tape. Don’t you remember how medical ‘experts said it would take up to 2 years to get a vaccine? Trump waived many regulations so it could be done much faster. So, you are darn right I’m praising Trump!

          BTW, originally we were told by the medical ‘experts’ and MSM that we were going to see 2 million deaths in 2020, way off! Guess the experts don’t know what they are always talking about.

          1. “-With no mitigation measures”

            Most of us who know what we’re talking about read the entire article instead of the just the headline. Try it sometime.

            1. I read it, so what’s your point? Nothing in there is related to what I wrote about crediting Trump for making it possible for the speedy vaccine.

      1. We will not have a chance for the vaccine for quite sometime as it will go to healthcare workers, first responders, and other essentials. I think 24000 doses is hardly enough. That is the amount which will be our allotment .

  3. This is the greatest psychology experiment in the history of planet Earth. They’re all waiting for a Biden that .. may very well not come. Trump takes office, “we punish you transients”. Biden takes office, “see there, now that we have power to protect our crimes, we appear far less lethal”. Thing is .. the scam’s out. The conservative right will drip information on this election for the next 20 years.

    So, let’s talk about reality.

    Trump gets elected, the temperance and discipline running the experiment wane. The virus goes away without a mask. Maybe another bioattack from China, but we we see the whites of their eyes, now.

    Biden gets elected, 5 million people descend on DC assuming no 5G/bioweapon/effective psyop executed successfully before then. What happens after this .. is completely uncharted territory.

  4. Kelby has no medical degree right? I am certain he is talking with his team but why the disconnect with one of his experienced infectious disease doctors? Did you read Kelby’s email? It was awkward. He said several times “I have had the virus”. Like we didn’t hear him the first time he said it. Then he acted like he had a deep awakening of some sort because he had a mild form of the illness. I wonder if his “awakening” would have been different had he been on a ventilator and in the ICU for two weeks? The email speaks for itself – awkward and self righteous IMO.

    Bob Sutton on the other hand. Much classier leader.

  5. The vaccine is coming for health care workers and first responders, which is great, but it will be the spring before it is available for the general public.

    The entire story and his awkward email made clear he’s a business leader, not a medical professional. He and his medical staff giving different info is similar to the Governor and DOH not being on the same page.

    Krabbenhoft and Sutton’s different approaches will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks.

  6. And now Sanford is distancing themselves from their CEO because of this idiotic advice. Rounds is also saying Noem is not a leader because of her dumb stances.

    1. I wonder if Kelby’s new boss told him to fix this. You don’t ever see his underlings publicly disagreeing like this

  7. Krabbenhoft stepped in it and would be wise to shut up and let the medical professionals run point.

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