Argus chaos was the topic at hand on 100 eyes today.

I didn’t catch it until the rerun but as I skimmed through Argus Leader’s “100 Eyes on Politics” podcast today, they spoke a lot less about politics, and more about the rumors that have been floating around about the chaos in the Argus newsroom.

I lost count of how many times Patrick Lalley tried to explain it away by characterizing it as “just him yelling,” although I think I caught Jon Ellis poking at me a bit, erroneously claiming I’m paid to write the SDWC.  Which, if I’m being paid, please, someone please show me the money.  I’d be overjoyed to get paid. (Hawking advertising is a bit of a chore).

But, given that they spent most of their broadcast talking about the rumors of newsroom unrest, it makes you wonder if there’s actually something to the story. At least more than they’re telling us.

Or, maybe they’re just yelling. Maybe.


4 Replies to “Argus chaos was the topic at hand on 100 eyes today.”

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Arguably, I should have said webcast, but the terms are interchangeable anymore.

      And once it is no longer live, the video is no longer streaming and is archived as just a plain jane video on-line, and you can skip the boring parts.

  1. JW

    Lalley is putting lipstick on a pig over at the Argus, which is what he is paid to do. But that ship is taking on a lot of water.

  2. Graig Vaclavik

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